The Walking Dead season 11: Fans fear Maggie’s death ‘sealed’ in harrowing Lance clue

The Walking Dead: Trailer for part 2 of the final season

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AMC’s post-apocalyptic horror series The Walking Dead is more than halfway through its 11th and final season, which is expected to come to an end after 24 episodes. After the most recent episode ‘Trust’, fans are convinced Maggie Rhee (played by Lauren Cohan) could soon meet her demise after spotting a harrowing clue.

As season 11 has progressed, fans watched as Maggie had probably one through one of the hardest chapters in her life.

She was made to join forces with Negan Smith (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who had brutally murdered her husband Glenn (Steven Yeun) in season six.

Maggie’s life was also threatened by the Reapers, who were even more dangerous than the zombies she was used to.

Alongside this, Maggie was also left to defend herself against The Commonwealth, who gained power over most survivors.

Despite this, viewers are convinced she could soon be killed after she encountered trouble with the deputy governor of the Commonwealth, Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton).

The theory was further incited after she raised her gun at him and threatened the governor.

However, he may not be the one to pull the trigger after hiring ruthless Leah Shaw (Lynn Collins), who also wanted Maggie dead.

As a result, viewers believe he will instead bribe Maggie to kill Leah and thy shared the theory on Twitter.

@JamesSemaj1220 shared: “That b******d Hornsby is hiring Leah to kill Maggie, good Luck with that you f******g psycho.”

@zuzutig anticipated: “Maggie will destroy Leah. Hands down!! It won’t end well for her.. peace out b***h!”

@Sunshinesreedus added: “lance getting leah to kill maggie… sorry but they don’t know who they’re with. they’re f*g with the wrong ppl!!”

While @amcwalkingmeme tweeted: “LANCE IS HIRING LEAH TO KILL MAGGIE OH MY GOD.”

@planet_TWD agreed: “Lance has found Leah and hired her to kill Maggie next episode is about to be Craazzzzyy.”

@HeyyJessyy stated: “lance and leah should know better than to cross maggie and daryl.”

With an impending war looming, a majority of viewers appear to be on Maggie’s side as she will stop at nothing to defend herself and those she loves.

However, fans will have to tune in to see if she will be ready for yet another battle or if Leah will truly be able to kill her.

The Walking Dead’s showrunner Angela Kang opened up about the unlikely alliance between Leah and Lance.

Kang stated: “Hornsby is kind of like a fixer type, so he’s used to negotiating with people.

“It’s like, ‘Well, I’m not happy that you took my guns and killed my people, but if this is where we’re at, I might as well use your to help clean up my situation.’”

“Anything he can do to make his own life a little simpler, I think he’s gonna go for.

“And so if she’s already out after some of our folks and she hates them and wants to see them dead because of the history, then he’s definitely going to make use of that.”

The Walking Dead season 11B is available on AMC in the USA and on Disney+ in the UK.

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