The View fans slam Alyssa Farah Griffin & accuse her of 'jealous' behavior toward guest in awkward moment on live TV | The Sun

THE View's Alyssa Farah Griffin has angered fans after she made a seemingly "jealous" remark to a guest on the show.

The backlash occurred during Thursday's live broadcast.

In a virtual interview, the hosts spoke to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, where Alyssa mentioned her roots in the presidential residence.

At one point in the conversation, Alyssa veered away from the political discussion to comment on the guest's "fabulous" office space.

"… And Karine, I just have to say congratulations on breaking multiple glass ceilings, and I hope as it gets cold in D.C., you use the fireplace in your office because it's fabulous," she said with a laugh.

Prior to taking over Megan McCain's seat on The View, Alyssa was the White House Director of Strategic Communications and the Assistant to former President Donald Trump during his 2020 administration.

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Twitter erupted with posts from viewers who felt Alyssa's comment showed her envy toward her guest's position in the White House.

"Alyssa's jealously just came through… you can tell she wish she could've had Karine's position for Trump…" one tweeted, with many others posting similar reactions to her remark.

"Alyssa always references the White House," another added.

The following day, Alyssa was blasted on-air by her co-hosts, Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin, for not putting the talk show ahead of its rivals.

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The 33-year-old has reportedly been hired as a new full-time host on The View, but the current cast members don’t think she’s giving the show the proper respect with her recent antics.


During Friday's show, the women of The View discussed Will Smith's new apology video to Chris Rock over the infamous slap.

Taking on the moderator role amid Whoopi Goldberg's usual Friday absence, Joy asked her co-hosts if Will's latest apology was "sufficient."

Alyssa, the first to jump in to share her opinion, said: “It’s an important first step. But I think he’s gotta go further.

“Even the fact that he didn’t do this in more of an interview format, where he might get challenged with some tough questions, I was a little surprised by.

“It’s a lot easier to say something scripted to camera, then to ask, ‘What was your motivation? Why didn’t you then apologize in your acceptance speech?”

That’s when Alyssa said she “would’ve liked” to have seen Will sit down with someone for an interview and then throw out Oprah Winfrey as a suggestion, rather than suggesting the talk show she was currently speaking on.

“Sit down with Oprah, she’ll challenge you,” Alyssa said.

Joy fired back at Alyssa to suggest what the former CNN political commentator should’ve suggested: “Or come here.”

Sunny agreed, softly saying: “Or come here.”

Realizing her mistake, Alyssa appeared uncomfortable as she laughed and agreed that Will could also come on The View to talk about the situation.

As Ana Navarro tried to move on with her own thoughts, Joy realized she wasn’t done correcting Alyssa’s mistake.

The 79-year-old blasted: "Why give the booking to Oprah?"

Alyssa, still laughing, apologized: "Right? Sorry!"


Fans couldn’t believe that Alyssa would not think of The View first, either, especially after it was reported earlier this week that she’s set to join the show as a new full-time host soon.

One viewer mocked her: “You’re the host of a talk show… Will Smith should sit down with Oprah… LOL.”

Another told her that they to give them “a break” with that terrible suggestion.

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Insiders told Daily Mail that Alyssa's new position would be announced soon.

Three sources informed the news outlet that Alyssa would be joining Sara Haines, Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny for The View's 26th season, which begins in September.

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