The Repair Shop experts ‘make fan’s day’ with restoration admission

Repair Shop team reveal inside of teddy bears

The Repair Shop experts Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell often share behind-the-scenes secrets when they’re not filming for the BBC series.

In a new clip shared on Instagram, the Teddy Bear Ladies discussed the materials they use to re-stuff a teddy bear – leaving fans in awe of the restoration secret.

The Repair Shop captioned the video: “Ever wondered what makes your favourite teddy bear feel squishy? #TheRepairShop.”

Julie began: “Lots of people come to us and tell us about their lovely teddy bear and tell us that they’re filled with straw because they think it’s a very old bear and that’s what they can feel.”

“However…” Julie trailed off as Amanda explained: “It’s not actually straw, it’s this stuff.

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“And it’s called wood wool and it does feel like straw and even look a little bit like straw but it’s not, it’s long shredded pieces of wood.”

Her co-star went on: “And a lot of the early bears, the majority of them would have been stuffed with this and a little later, the invention of kapok…

“I say invention, it is actually a natural product…the linings of a pod but it’s a luxury product and so sometimes that was added for a bit of squish.”

Fans were thrilled by Amanda and Julie’s show secret, with many taking to the comments section to praise the experts.

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User ileneroizman replied: “This just made my day! I have an inexplicable love for the word kapok, and it hardly ever comes up. The squish was a nice treat too.”

shirldaviswrites shared: “Really interesting as my bear feels quite “sturdy” as opposed to my feeling quite delicate at one year his senior!”

“My one and only teddybear, Rumpelstilzchen, was filled with wood wool sadly he completely disintegrated eventually,” brigittegant commented.

The Repair Shop is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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