The OA season 2: Does the host body die when you travel to a new dimension?

Season two of The OA left fans with plenty of questions after it looks like the rules set up in the first series were changed. The OA took things further this year as we embarked on new dimensions as the action flitted between two parallel worlds. But right at the end of the Netflix series, there was a game-changing moment as audiences were thrust into yet another world.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from The OA season 2?

The OA this year introduced us to a mysterious character called Elodie (played by Irène Jacob), who revealed to Dr. Hunter Aloysius ‘Hap’ Percy (Jason Isaacs) she was a traveller.

Elodie and Hap seemed to hit it off as they discussed her ability to choose where she went, admitting the destination could be a choice.

The pair ended up sleeping together as Hap seemed infatuated by her – but perhaps more by her inter-dimensional travel than romantic feelings.

Following their liaison, Elodie travelled through time using a series of strange robotic machines that performed the five movements for her.


Shortly, before she travelled, Elodie called an ambulance, informing them a woman had fallen unconscious in a hotel room.

Elodie then stood in the middle of the five machines as they helped her travel through a dimension. As the character left, Elodie’s body was seen slumping to the ground.

The scene is likely to have left viewers with lots of questions about the rules of travel between dimensions and what happens to a body once a person journeys into a new host.


Do people die if you leave their body in The OA?

Not much is know about the rules of travel in The OA but it appears that people just become unconscious when a traveller enters and leaves their body.

For instance, Elodie shows up again in the second dimension and talks to Prairie/OA (Brit Marling) in Syzygy about how she moves through time.

OA was at the club to find more answers about Nina Azarova, the woman whose body she’s taken over.

Elodie informs OA that she always “integrates” with the personality of the body she’s taken over and shares their memories.

She tells OA to stop repressing Nina and allow them to become one so that she can access her alter-ego’s memories. Eventually, OA manages to do this and continue with her quest to try and stop Hap.

Another instance of travelling through bodies is when OA enters the body of Nina at the start of season two.


Nina appears to have a heart attack and collapses when OA enters her body in the second dimension but she’s fine later on as she wakes up in hospital.

The assumption is when OA left Nina’s body and went to the third dimension, the Russian heiress returned to her normal state.

Perhaps the only thing that seems certain is that once you die in one dimension, you can’t return to that world because a version of you no longer exists there.

The season two finale also seemed to break away from any rules it had established with OA now in the body of actress Brit Marling.

The assumption had been OA would end up in another version of herself but the actress Brit seemed to be a completely different person altogether rather than her.

Fans will have to wait and see how the show’s writers will try to explain this quirk and what it means about interdivisional travel.

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