The Masked Singer Reveals: Ranked From Least Exciting to Most Exciting

The Masked Singer has unmasked more than 50 celebrities so far and we've got thoughts on them all.

How's everybody doing tonight? Pretty boring time? Nothing going on? 

While you're killing time waiting for nothing in particular, why not take a little trip down Masked Singer memory lane? We've now witnessed more than 50 unmaskings over the course of three and a half seasons, and some have definitely hit harder than others. Sometimes our reaction actually does match the suspiciously shocked faces of the audience members and other times, all we can do is say, "Who?" 

In order to distract ourselves, we've updated our ranking of all of the reveals so far, in order from least to most thrilling. Remember when Sarah Palin was a Bear? And when Bella Thorne was a Swan? Bret Michaels was also a Banana once! 

This show has given us some truly wild moments since it first premiered in January 2019 (practically an entire lifetime ago), and now it's time to take a little look back. 

Scroll down to see all of the reveals ranked, starting with some of those we were not quite so impressed by. 

No offense to Jackie Evancho, but…who? Apparently she was on America's Got Talent but we could not have told you that when she took off her mask. 

So sorry to Mark Sanchez but we did not immediately know who he was when he took off his elaborate Baby Alien puppet situation. That seems to always be happening to us with the sports stars. 

The first contestant to be eliminated always gets the short end of the stick. We hardly knew the Dragon before he was outed as Busta Rhymes, so all we really had time to say was "Oh." 

Few things have been more obvious in life than the fact that Tommy Chong was the Pineapple, in a good way. Tommy Chong knows his brand. 

This was the show's very first reveal back in season one and don't worry if you totally forgot it ever happened, because we did too! 

Laila Ali was once revealed to be the Panda! Good for Laila Ali! 

Of course Rob Gronkowski was the White Tiger on The Masked Singer. Of course! 

If we were Terry Bradshaw we would wear this costume around our house because it really just works for him. 

Paul Shaffer really embodied that Skeleton and that kooky Skeleton really represented the essence of Paul Shaffer. They feel one in the same. 

The Astronaut was so good that he had to be a professional singer, and he was! This was not a surprise! 

Once upon a time, Dr. Drew Pinsky was dressed as an Eagle singing Meatloaf. Feels like more of a fever dream than something that actually happened. 

Recently someone was talking about Barry Zito for some reason and we were like "Oh my god, the Rhino?!" At least he made some kind of impact on us! 

The T-Rex was so clearly JoJo Siwa that we've never been less shocked to see a person take off a dinosaur mask. But when it comes to being exciting, that appears to be JoJo's only mode. 

We all knew the Lion was Rumer from day one, but this still would have been way more exciting if she hadn't had to awkwardly deny it so many times. 

Tori Spelling on The Masked Singer just feels right, and thus not all that shocking. 

Honestly, justice for Ice Cream and Egg. They got unmasked in the same season two premiere episode and it really took the excitement out of both of them a little bit. Sorry for Ice Cream, but Egg wins here just because the Egg was a truly insane costume we were all obsessed with before the season premiered. 

Ricki Lake, where you been? It was nice to see this former talk show host taking the stage again, especially after what she had been through over the past few years with losing her ex-husband. Not shocking, but a pleasant reveal. 

"Bret Michaels is the Banana" is absolutely one of the funnier sentences to come out of this show. 

Ana's literally got Scheddy Balls on her Tree costume, reminding us she's been making us laugh for decades and she's not stopping now. 

BAG was the Giraffe and now he's a panelist on the new show The Masked Dancer. It feels like a joke but it's not! 

Are we alone in being unable to look at Sherri Shepherd without hearing her say "HAM!" on 30 Rock

Ladybug very cleverly disguised her voice with a Southern accent but Osbournes fans knew what was up. 

The Flamingo was so filled with energy and incredible talent all season long and for a while, the guesses were truly all over the place. It felt pretty satisfying in the end to discover that it was former Cheetah Girl and current talk show host Adrienne Bailon. 

Raven broke her arm after a performance, which is some true sacrifice for her craft. She was also the first of two Cheetah Girls to be unmasked in season two! 

The Masked Singer was the last place we expected Jordyn Woods to pop up when she did, but it honestly should have been one of the first and that's on us. 

Everything about the Lips was so very Wendy Williams, from the voice to the crystal-covered costume to the fact that she was sitting down for the whole performance. It was hardly a shock to see her take off that mask after all her flirting with Nick Cannon, but it was a wild ride. 

We will never get used to legendary superstars getting unmasked on that stage, and Patti LaBelle was no exception. 

She was in Destiny's Child! And then she was on The Masked Singer! She didn't win, but at least she made it pretty far. 

Sure, it sounded exactly like Chaka Khan the whole time, but it was still just wild that Chaka Khan was dressed as a lady monster on The Masked Singer

Dionne was an even bigger shock, because we already had Chaka Khan this season, and it seemed crazy to have yet another legendary diva in the same season. 

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