The Deceived: Did Michael kill Roisin? Star opens up about death

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WARNING: This story contains spoilers for The Deceived

The Deceived made its debut on Channel 5 on August 3 and viewers were introduced to Michael Callaghan (played by Emmett J Scanlan) and his wife Roisin (Catherine Walker). Michael had been having an affair with his student Ophelia (Emily Reid) and he ended up revealing all to Roisin. Later in the episode, Michael found out his wife had died in a fire, but some fans think Michael killed his wife – Scanlan spoke exclusively to about Roisin’s death.

Did Michael kill Roisin in The Deceived?

Viewers learn in the first episode that Roisin died in a house fire, which was supposedly caused by a cigarette.

Michael fled Cambridge to go back to his house in Northern Ireland, and Ophelia had to track him down.

He said he had been having a conversation with Roisin about his affair with Ophelia the night she died.

She had been drunk and asleep when the fire took hold of the house, which killed her and causing a lot of damage.

Michael is shocked and devastated, saying her death was a tragic accident, but his behaviour is shifty in the first episode.

He used Roisin’s fame as a reason as to why he did not tell many people about her death.

Michael later found Ophelia in Roisin’s old writing room, and Ophelia had found emails from Roisin’s friend.

The emails were believed to have mentioned Michael, and Ophelia was worried Michael had some involvement in her death.

Michael then unplugged the computer so Ophelia could no longer access Roisin’s emails.

Speaking exclusively to, Scanlan said: “Michael and Roisin have an argument.

“There’s drink involved. Michael leaves to go down to his local. Roisin falls asleep drunk on the couch with a lit cigarette in her hand. The house goes up in flames with her in it.”

Speaking of Michael’s relationship with Roisin, he added: “He loves the bones of Roisin. In his own way, he admires and looks up to her.

“She’s a very successful novelist a much more successful novelist than him. In a lot of ways, albeit self-inflicted, he puts himself in her shadow and that’s hard for him to cope with.”

With this in mind, there was clearly some tension between Michael and his wife before she died.

Michael knew his wife was more successful than him, and he said how he was not good enough for her.

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Viewers also come across Roisin’s mother Mary Mulvery (Eleanor Methven), who was very controlling of her daughter and only wanted the best for her.

She was known to have been heavily involved in Roisin’s relationship with Michael, and she comes across as obsessive.

Michael indicated he can only handle her mother in small amounts, so the same could have been said for Roisin.

He told Ophelia he had been at the pub when he received the news about the house fire.

He looked shocked when he arrived at the house, but continues to act strangely when Ophelia starts investigating.

Roisin’s best friend Ruth (Shelley Conn) had tried to contact her the night she died, and she sounded full of panic.

The messages begged Roisin to call her, and asked if ‘he’ had done anything to her.

Viewers could only assume she was referring to Michael in the messages, but they will have to wait and see to find out the truth.

Scanlan suggested his character’s argument with Roisin had fuelled the fire, but he did not give anything away about whether he killed her.

The Deceived airs on Channel 5 at 9pm

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