The Blacklist fans in meltdown as ‘fantastic’ villain joins Wujing

The Blacklist: Dr. Laken Perillos makes her return

As The Blacklist draws closer to its series finale, fans are beginning to see familiar faces make their unexpected return to the NBC thriller. Following Wujing’s (played by Chin Han) season 10 return, fans were excited to learn Dr Laken Perillos (Laverne Cox) would also be making a comeback.

Throughout season 10, the series has followed conflict between Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington (James Spader) and one of his oldest enemies. 

The instalment kicked off with Wujing’s escape from prison when he had revenge on his mind. 

Back in season one, he was sent to prison after being set up by Red and learned they had been working with the FBI as an informant. 

As a result, he has since been working with other blacklisters to team up and get revenge on Red. 

Things could take a dangerous turn for Red as the promo for episode six revealed Wujing was in contact with Dr Perillos. 

During the clip, the criminal stated: “Before I was incarcerated, I studied you and your techniques. I  was an admirer.”
The cameras then cut to a flattered Perillos who remarked: “Oh goody, a fan.

“Now are you going to tell me why you brought me here or not?”

Fans were in shock to see Perillos’ upcoming return and took to the comments with apprehension and excitement. “

A concerned @Blackyemzy commented: “This gonna crazy!! Wujin is playing a dangerous game.”

An excited @tumisoramabodu added: “Blacklisters ganging up on The Blacklist is insane.”

While @e7elohim7 remarked: “I believe they still don’t know who Raymond Reddington is lmaoo.” (sic)

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@Kevin_jazzmusic shared: “I have been waiting for so long.”

While @Kiplimo_vic anticipated: “Will Reddington really be able to fight back or this is where he runs away into hiding to end the series.”

Fans will recall Perillos’ cruel actions when she began to work for Neville Townsend (Reg Rogers) as an interrogator. 

As she was obsessed with causing and studying pain, Perillos would use unorthodox and extreme methods to obtain information.

In season eight she used her methods on Red’s right-hand man, Dembe Zuma (Hisham Tawfiq). 

As Perillos was after the information on the Sikorsky Archive, she would prod the heretics’ fork torture device on his neck, causing extreme and continuous pain under his flesh. 

Elsewhere in the clip, Wujing opened up about his intentions as he told Perillos: “Before my escape from prison I was briefly held with a man named Marvin Gerard, Raymond Reddington’s lawyer. 

“According to Marvin Gerard, Raymond Reddington has spent the past decade working in partnership with the FBI.

“Before his death, Mr Gerard provided me with a list of individuals imprisoned as a result of Reddington’s unholy union with the Bureau. I was the first. Would you like to know your number?”

The Blacklist continues Sundays on NBC in the USA.

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