The Bay fans reckon they've figured out the killer as show ends in agonising cliffhanger

THE Bay's viewers were in agony last night as the crime drama ended with another huge twist.

Just before the credits rolled it emerged murdered Stephen Marshbrook had hired a shadowy accountant to find out who had been stealing from the family firm.

Chris McGregor, who cops figured out had been paid £2,000 from Stephen's personal account before his death, was the one to spill the details.

He explained: "He thought somebody was stealing from the company – skimming off the top. He wanted to find out who it was."

And when pressed to say who, it quickly emerged Stephen was worried someone in his own family was out to get him.

Fans were quick to point the finger at Stephen's wife Rose – especially when the police revealed he might have been cheating on her.

One predicted: "The wife called the hit on her husband" while another insisted: "The wife had something to do with it."

Another insisted Stephen's father-in-law should be under suspicion too, writing: "Are the wife and brother in on it with the dad?"

It was just the latest twist in the drama, which last night saw mouthy young tearaway Cassie hauled into the cells.

The police are certain she is involved in some way, but despite being slung in the slammer had refused to talk.

Elsewhere in the drama we saw Joe Absolom's Andy Warren roll back into town – to the disquiet of Lisa Armstrong.

But many were just left wanting more, with one tweeting: "Wow…. That was some ending! CLIFF HANGER!!!!"

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