Teen Mom star Javi Marroquin's ex Lauren Comeau downs tequila shots & vows to be on 'worst behavior' after he 'cheats'

TEEN Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin's ex Lauren Comeau downed tequila shots with her girlfriends.

The mom referenced the series, The Office, promising to be on her "worst behavior" after Javi was accused of cheating on her last year.

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Lauren posted a video dubbing lines from the series, The Office.

As Lauren and her girlfriends walk out of her house the character, Dwight Schrute can be heard saying: "I need you to promise me that you'll be on your best behavior."

Then Lauren dubs Jim Halpert's line: "I promiseeeeed other people that I'd be on my worst behavior, and I gave 'em my word so…"

She captioned the video: "In honor of t h i r s t y t h u r s d a y ! & counting down till I get to celebrate with my girls next weekend!

"We’re gunna get a little crazy because we can Gretchen Wilson is the vibe summer 2021, because I feel like we have been locked up for 17 years and I just need a dive bar, my girlfriends, some Tito’s and Arbonne protein bars. Anyone else with us?!"

Last month, the Teen Mom Tea Instagram account shared a video showing Javi and Lauren sitting next to each other at a mutual friend's birthday.

Along with the video, a witness told the fan account: "I'm at the Sugar Factory in Atlantic City, New Jersey and Javi and Lauren are together.

"When he left for the bathroom, she denied she was Lauren yet he clearly had the whole tattoo sleeve on his arm."

In February, the two also went to church with their son, Eli, and Kailyn's son, Lincoln.

In a photo shared on the church's Instagram page, the foursome posed in the snow.

Last season on Teen Mom, Kailyn claimed Javi tried to "f**k her in a parking lot."

She explained: “He pulled into the Wawa parking lot while I was getting gas and was like ‘hey what’s up?’ then he opened the door and was like, ‘I wanna f*** you plain and simple.’"

Though Javi denied her claims, insisting she was making "false" accusations, his relationship with Lauren Comeau suffered and he later admitted that he had made "mistakes."

Kailyn has since retracted the allegations.

The Teen Mom 2 star and Javi, 28, were married from 2012-2017 and share seven-year-old son Lincoln together.

Javi and Lauren also share two-year-old son, Eli.

Kailyn shares Creed, as well as her second youngest son Lux, with her ex Chris and is also a mom to 11-year-old son Isaac with ex Jo Rivera.

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