Teen Mom Jenelle Evans claps back at 'petty b****es' after star is slammed for gushing over 'racist' husband David Eason

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans clapped back at "petty b****es" after the star was slammed for gushing over her "racist" husband, David Eason.

The former reality TV star was recently fired from a podcast due to David's problematic past.

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Jenelle, 29, shared a series of adorable pictures of her and David, 32, during date night.

The professional pics depicted them as a happy, trouble-free couple, which many fans know may not always be true.

In the first photo, David and Jenelle laughed as they walked hand-in-hand.

In the next two photos, the metal welder hugged his wife close before kissing her forehead.

The last photo showed a more intimate moment between the two as Jenelle pulled her husband close by the chin.

She captioned the photos: "A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."

Despite the pictures showing them in a positive light, fans quickly took to the comment section to slam them as the relationship has caused Jenelle to lose plenty of job opportunities.

In the sea of negative comments, one person wrote in the comments: "Crop out the sadness."

Jenelle, who has no issue clapping back at her haters, quickly commented and said: "Yeah, sadness because of petty b**ches and thank God I have David Eason for support."

Just this past week, Jenelle was fired from her new project, a podcast, due to David's problematic past.

After being denied entrance to the podcast's launch party, Jenelle shared in a video that she believes she and David have been victims of cancel culture.

She also claimed that there is a group out there trying to take them down.

At the time, she shared a video of herself lipsyncing with David, which she captioned: "Everyone hatesĀ @easondavidĀ but 'Lifeā€™s a betch and hereā€™s here dude'."

TheĀ Teen MomĀ star also said she will reveal exactly what happened with the podcast on her YouTube channel, saying: "Story time will be coming soon to YouTube."

This is sadly not the first time that Jenelle has lost jobs due to David as she was also fired from Teen Mom 2 after he admitted to killing their pet dog.

She also lost plenty of sponsorships in the days following.

David was originally fired from Teen Mom 2 back in 2017 after he had gone on a homophobic rant on social media.

This is also not the first time that she's defended him after his problematic past came to light.

Jenelle previously liked and shared a post that said men who grew up in the 80s and 90s acted like they were racist, homophobic, and sexist.

Sharing the post to her Instagram Stories, the message featured a photo ofĀ JenelleĀ with a lengthy rant defending the controversial star.Ā 

One particular section that referred to her baby daddy, read: ā€œMost people have never been with a man like David.Ā 

ā€œHe's just a homophobic, racist, and sexist. Iā€™m not calling him that but come on people, every straight man I know who grew up in the 80/90ā€™s acts like that.ā€

David is no stranger to controversy as he often makes fun of liberal politicians, LGBTQIA+ members, and even the black community.

He's also defended his use of the n-word which had fans raging.

Responding to aĀ Facebook postĀ about racial slurs, he wrote: "What's the problem? They call themselves n***a all day every day.

"Even lifting up the word like it's elegant in their songs. Not that I think it's right but life is a two way street."

He continued: "Why do black people get away with calling white people crackers, snow flakes, Nazis, supremacists, etc."

David added in a second post: "Now that I think about it I've been called n***a and n****r at least a couple thousand times in my life."

He was also slammed for claiming white people are being "attacked" and saying all "wrongs" that white people have committed "have been righted."

The firedĀ MTVĀ starĀ posted a white square on Instagram, which was a nod to the black square millions of people posted on Blackout Tuesday in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The formerĀ Teen MomĀ star wrote: "White out Wednesday because I love my strong, white, American brothers and sisters who are proud and not ashamed of their skin color regardless of all the prejudice against us right now!

"We are being attacked by everyone, then some of you feel guilty for no reason. What did we do that was so wrong? All the wrongs have been righted!"

His followers were quick to criticize David for the offensive post, with many calling him "racist."

David marriedĀ Jenelle, 29, in 2017. They share 3-year-old daughter Ensley, while he also has teenage daughter Maryssa from a previous relationship.

However, even their relationship has been tumultuous as Jenelle placed an order of protection against him back in 2019.

Despite claiming at the time that there were several moments where she feared for her and her kids' lives, she later retracted when they got back together again in 2020.

Jenelle still stands by the claim that David never put his hands on her and has gone as far as saying that their relationship is stronger than ever.

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