Teen Mom Farrah Abraham looks unrecognizable in new video after fans tells her to 'calm down on the surgery'

TEEN Mom Farrah Abraham looks unrecognizable in her new video after fans told her to "calm down on the surgery."

The 30-year-old looks very different from her 16-year-old self when she first appeared on 16 & Pregnant.

The mom of one took to Instagram on Tuesday night to show off the new set of lashes she had just bought.

She shared a video, which clearly had a filter on as her make-up looked almost cartoon-like, as she showed off her blonde updo and glossy lips.

For months now, fans have been talking about how different Farrah looks every time she comes on social media.

When she posted a video where she did a self-defense class with her daughter, Sophia, fans quickly sounded off in the comments.

A shocked fan wrote: "Calm down on the surgery, can you not see your lips are hanging all different directions"

Another person added: "WTF did you do to your face?" while a third commentator said: "Why do you use always a filter on your face! All that surgery…"

This isn't the first time Farrah's face had been deemed "unrecognizable" by fans.

Viewers mocked Farrah's facial features in her 30th birthday video.

Posted in an Instagram Story, Farrah showed off her slender figure in a low-cut brown bikini.

Fans called out the former reality star for looking like a different person, which added heat to the plastic surgery rumors.

Farrah's lips had grown bigger, while her jaw and chin were much more angular.

She said in the clip: “It’s almost May, my birthday month! Oh my gosh, it’s my big golden birthday – 30. I’m so scared.”

A troll commented: “WOW with all the injections, implants, and plastic surgery you look 40.”

Another fan argued: "She didn't need all that surgery and I'm sure she would be aging a lot better if she never went through with it. Or at least kept it subtle."

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