Teen Mom fans spot 'gross' detail in background of Jenelle Evans' photo from ride in ATV with husband David | The Sun

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans has sparked chatter from fans after she posted a new video of her riding an ATV with her husband, David Eason.

The reality star recorded herself sitting in the $10K vehicle's passenger seat while David commanded the wheel.

Jenelle donned a gray shirt, round glasses, and a baseball cap as she focused the camera on her husband who stared directly at the lens.

The clip, shared on the Teen Mom 2 alum's Instagram Stories, concerned viewers as they spotted an unopen can of beer in the car's cupholder.

The placement of the beverage wasn't fans' main gripe about Jenelle's actions, but that it goes against her previous claim that she cut back on drinking beer.

The young mom said last month that she nixed beer from her diet and only drank wine due to her ongoing health issues.

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But upon the sighting of the beer can, eagle-eyed viewers couldn't hold back their thoughts, with some calling the star's actions "gross."

In an online thread, one person commented on a screenshot of the video: "Jenelle is constantly living and making up bulls**t about how she doesn't drink or drink beer anymore because of her made up health issues and so on."

Another pointed out her drinking habits: "I thought she switched to wine for her health."

And a third wrote: "I feel like EVERY time we see them driving they have beer in the car/boat/vehicle.

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"F***ing alcoholics. If she ends up paralyzed it'll be from them drunk driving, not from a cyst."

A fourth added: "She’s going to suck her esophagus right out."


In a bikini photo Jenelle shared last month, she opened up about her new diet, claiming that she no longer indulges in beer.

The reality star captioned the post: "Suns out, buns out," along with a peach and fire emoji.

She also gave a "summer tip" to her followers.

Jenelle mentioned that "switching from beer to wine has shrunk her stomach so much!"

A Teen Mom fan jumped to the comments section and wrote: "No gluten and fewer carbs."

She replied: "Good point!" with an applause emoji. 

Cutting out beer was another step for the mom-of-three in adopting a healthier lifestyle, as she previously revealed she had omitted liquor from her diet.


In April, the 30-year-old called out fans who commented on her drinking habits in a YouTube video.

After reading an article headline that claimed she has a drinking problem, Jenelle said: "Y'all, if you even knew. When I was younger I drank so much liquor. You can call me an alcoholic when I was younger."

She then shared a story as she recalled: "One time when I was on the beach and I went to the beach with my mom, it was the first time or second time I got drunk and I think I was 14 or 15 years old.

"And all my friends were on the beach that I saw by the pier and we went over there and they took out their big a** soda bottle full of Everclear."

The ex-MTV star continued: "I drank it and it was so cold that it didn't really burn that much at the time and then I was super trashed. I had to walk back to my mom's beach towel and I knew she was there.

"And needless to say I could hardly walk because it was sandy and it's hard to walk in the sand when you're drunk."

She concluded: "Yeah, I was grounded for about a month."

After noting that she drank a lot when dating ex Nathan Griffith, Jenelle said that she began to have esophagus problems and "if I drank too much I'd start having esophagus spasms at the end of the night and I'd be throwing up."

The fired star said: "With that being said, I completely stopped drinking liquor."

Jenelle then shared that she and David, 34, now only drink beer, stating that she has "two to three a week."

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She addressed her critics, stating: "Is that an alcoholic? No. That's just a mom winding down at the end of her day.

"You're slandering me in this entire article and I hope you see this before my lawyer does."

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