Take Another Look at 'A Star is Born' During Its One-Week IMAX Release

If you just wanted to take another look at A Star is Born, you’re in luck. The Bradley Cooper-Lady Gaga drama and Oscar favorite has set a one-week IMAX release later this month. Time to dive off the deep end again, but this time in the gorgeous large-screen format.

Variety reports that Warner Bros., Live Nation Productions, and MGM have set A Star is Born IMAX release for one week, beginning on December 7, 2018. That’s just in time for the Oscar race to start heating up, for which A Star is Born is a favorite to earn a Best Picture nod and a slew of other nominations.

Jeff Goldstein, president of domestic distribution for Warner Bros. Pictures, said:

“Securing premium Imax screens in this competitive holiday window, 10 weeks into release, speaks to the quality of the film Bradley Cooper has delivered and the passion audiences have for this story. We are thrilled to be able to give moviegoers a chance to see ‘A Star Is Born’ again, or for the first time, in such an experiential format as IMAX.”

This one-week A Star is Born IMAX release will be the first time the musical drama has been shown in the large-screen format, according to Variety. The IMAX showings will be accompanied by “The Road to Stardom,” a featurette that shows the making of A Star is Born and how director Cooper and star Gaga wrote and produced many of the films songs, which they performed live for the movie.

It’s clearly a move for A Star is Born‘s Oscar campaign, which will likely earn the movie more buzz as it wows audiences in the large-screen format. I will say, seeing A Star is Born in Dolby Atmos was definitely an experience that elevated the movie for me — making the sound crisper and the emotions run higher — and the IMAX release could potentially do the same.

A Star is Born has impressed at the box office, grossing $193 million domestically and $168 million internationally. It’s also favorite to sweep the Oscars, emerging as the front-runner at the awards race — a recurring theme for most of the remakes of this classic story, with Barbra Streisand earning a Best Actress nod for the 1976 version and Judy Garland winning for the 1954 version before her. The very first 1937 A Star is Born also earned a whopping seven nominations, and won one. So it’s no question that the Oscars will be off the deep end for the 2018 version too.

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