Strictly’s Vito shares terrifying moment he was left ‘choking’ during live show

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    Strictly Come Dancing professional Vito Coppola shared an unusual mishap that took place during his dance on Sunday night, as he admitted to having spaghetti stuck in his throat.

    Appearing alongside his dance partner Fleur East on Strictly's spin-off show It Takes Two on Tuesday (December 13), Vito said he was forced to continue his Italian-inspired Charleston despite still having food in his mouth.

    Kick starting the conversation, presenter Rylan Clark said: "I actually think you had the biggest challenge Vito. Eating whilst dancing!

    Now actual spaghetti! Listen you're an Italian, I'm sure you love a bit of spaghetti now and again. But whilst dancing?"

    Explaining what happened Vito said he was only supposed to take one strand of spaghetti but ate more of the dish.

    But before he had time to swallow what was in his mouth, it was time to hit the dance floor, leaving him "choking" throughout the routine.

    He said: "At the beginning it was just to take one spaghetti and then to pull it out.

    "But of course the temptation of spaghetti you know, so I did like two or three.

    "Next it was time to dance, so I just bite, I was chewing and for the whole dance, I was choking."

    Fleur added: "He was committed, he was committed to the role."

    Despite the unfortunate incident, Fleur and Vito won over the judges with their exceptional dance and scored an impressive 39 points.

    On Sunday night, Vito also was complimentary to Fleur and said: "Fleur is one of the best people I have ever met in my life, she is so humble, she is a pure soul.

    "She doesn't know this but she saved me from a tough period that I had. She is so brave but humble, she never says no. She is so grateful and I am so proud of you."

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