Strictly’s Bobby Brazier scolded by dad Jeff for cheeky weight dig on Gogglebox

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    Strictly Come Dancing star Bobby Brazier has been scolded by his dad Jeff after he made a cheeky dig about his weight.

    The father and son duo appeared on Friday’s episode (November 3) of Celebrity Gogglebox. Sitting down in front of the telly, Bobby and Jeff got stuck into the latest shows that have got people talking this week.

    But things soon took an awkward turn when Bobby, whose mum is the late Jade Goody, took a swipe at his dad. And it’s fair to say Jeff was not too keen.

    “What is with you kids why do you have to wear my pants,” Jeff quipped, while sitting on the sofa with Bobby. He added: “I never wear your pants, why would I wear your pants?”

    Jeff went on: “For starters, they’re too small.” Bobby then told his dad he was simply too fat to fit into them. “Because you’re too fat,” he said. Jeff’s face then dropped at his comment and fumed: “You’re not allowed to say that.”

    Bobby quizzed: “Why?” And Jeff then explained: “Because I’m not. If you’re anywhere near as fit as me at 44!”

    The EastEnders star is currently making waves on Strictly Come Dancing at the moment. Partnered with Dianne Buswell, the pair have gone down a storm with the judges and the nation.

    But after spending hours on end together during their training, a TV insider has said Dianne has been forced to distance herself from Bobby. They said: "Dianne told him, 'We are good friends, partners, nothing more'."

    They added that Bobby is "head-over-heels" for her. However, the professional "doesn't resonate" with the crush.

    Body language experts have also been recognising that the duo are getting close but it's "not reciprocated" by Dianne. Darren Stanton previously told Entertainment Daily: "Dianne and Bobby generally do have a deep connection and deep rapport.

    "I've previously noticed that Dianne can find Bobby slightly overpowering. However, she's got used to him to some degree."

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