Strictly ‘real’ partnerships exposed – ‘fiery energy’ to ‘not following orders’

This year’s Strictly Come Dancing stars are quick to dub their co-stars a “family”, with Helen Skelton swooning on Friday’s live show over the support she gets from her colleagues.

Turning on the glitz and glamour week after week, this year’s quarter finalists have captured the hearts of the nation with their sweet partnerships.

Now, celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman has ‘exposed’ the true connections between each couple by performing a star sign compatibility test.

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From celebs being pre-disposed to “not taking instruction” to the energy that’s “hard to contain” between them, Daily Star takes a deep dive.

Fleur and Vito

X Factor star Fleur East brings “true pizzazz” as a Scorpio to her partnership with Vito Copolla, Inbaal says.

The body language expert said: “The combination of a patient Libra with an eye for elegance in Vito, and a passionate, explosive performer in Fleur is a potent one.”

As a Libra, Vito “can teach and instruct in a very calm way”, which makes him a “wonderful” mentor. And, Inbaal says, he’s keen to show off Fleur’s good side.

She explained: “[Librans’] love for aesthetics means that they can ensure their partner is shown in the most flattering light.”

For a Scorpio like Fleur, meanwhile, “their tender and romantic traits, are kept under wraps and only show up when needed.”

Kym and Graziano

According to Inbaal, Kym and Graziano, who got the boot during Saturday's results show, are one of the couple who “don’t always see eye to eye” due to their differing zodiac signs.

Kym is a “playful” Gemini who “never wants to rest”, while Graziano is a “serious Taurus”, who is “always focused on the end result”.

Inbaal said: “Taureans like Graziano love a good routine. They'll have their strict training schedule, a healthy nutrition plan and they love their beauty sleep too!

“Geminis like Kym are up all night! Active, busy, and trying to complete hundreds of tasks all at once. They love to entertain and don't know how to stand still.

“Those two won't always see eye to eye, and Kym won't follow all of Graziano's instructions to the letter.”

Will and Nancy

According to Inbaal, Will Mellor’s partnership with Nancy Xu is a “fabulous maelstrom of fire”, which could lead to “arguments”.

The psychic explained that Nancy, a “blazing Leo”, is used to living life “to the fullest, and loves the feeling of being alive”.

Will, meanwhile, is an Aries, who is “always on the go and always speaks his mind”.

Inbaal said: “Leos like Nancy have a big personality and even a bigger heart. They love taking care of themselves, and of others, and they love the finer things in life.

“Aries like Will aren't that concerned about luxury, happy to slum it when they need to. They're active and love being surrounded by people. Aries never get old.

“All the fire in this combination can be hard to contain, and Will and Nancy may even argue, but they get angry quickly and calm down quickly.”

Helen and Gorka

For Helen Skelton and Gorka Marquez, it seems a perfect partnership.

Inbaal describes Helen as a “warm and supportive” Cancer sign, while Gorka is an “organised and smart” Virgo.

She went on to say: “Virgoans like Gorka love the sensation of knowing what they're doing, knowing where they're putting their feet and hands, and they love to plan.

“Cancerians like Helen take joy in being the helpful one, bringing snacks and making sure everyone's clothes are pressed and the room temperature is just right.”

She added: “Working together, they'll develop a good rapport with each other, and Helen will be happy to follow Gorka's instructions, and will have no ego or control issues around him. Gorka is happy to teach, when he knows Helen is happy to listen.”

Hamza and Jowita

From a star sign point of view, Hamza and Jowita’s connection is one of the most “complex”.

Both were born “on the cusp”, when one sign is about to change into another, leaving both celeb and pro with “characteristics from the sign they missed” as well as their own.

Inbaal said: “Leos like Jowita are fiery and strong. Happy to take the lead, and comfortable at centre stage. Jowita's date of birth is very close to the sign of Virgo, which is also strong and masterful, but in a more humble way than a typical Leo, so she'll be gentler than the average Leo.

“Pisces like Hamza are gentle and loving. Happy to let others lead them, they enjoy being in a position of support. Hamza's date of birth is very close to the sign of Aquarius, which is also gentle and supportive, but in a more withdrawn way than a typical Pisces, so he'll be less emotional than the average Pisces.

“They would make a wonderful team, as each of them is a complex character, and so they can empathise with each other's quirks.”

Molly and Carlos

Kids’ TV presenter Molly “won’t have a lot in common” with her partner Carlos Gu, Inbaal says, due to their differing signs.

Though the pair often show a close relationship, their zodiac signs mix things up a little.

As a Sagittarius, Molly is “free-spirited and adventurous”, Inbaal theorised, while Capricorn Carlos is “grown-up and goal oriented”.

She said: “Capricorns like Carlos enjoy being predictable. They'll be sensible with their sleep hours, take good care of their skin and never eat junk.

“Sagittarians like Molly are always ready for a road trip or a plane ride. Loud and engaging, they need to be free to be themselves, and want to have fun around the clock.

“They're very different, and Molly would get annoyed at having to do as she's told, but Carlos won't let her get away with playing when she should be working."

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