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WITH two murders under his belt, Stephen Reid is becoming a villain that shouldn't underestimated.

Next week, he targets one of Coronation Street's main ladies, Carla Connor. Is death looming on the horizon for her?

The Underworld boss portrayed by Alison King had no idea that her PA Sarah Platt had thrown herself into her own business with Michael Bailey and Stephen Reid.

A failing businessman, conning anybody he can since his first arrival in Weatherfield, Stephen starts to realise he may need to deal with Carla himself as he grows more and more desperate to give his finances a needed boost.

But what will the murderer portrayed by Canadian actor Todd Boyce have in mind?

Coming up on the ITV drama, Carla tells Sarah (Tina O'Brien) that she can finish her designs in return for an apology.

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After Stephen's deal with Rufus fell through, Carla tells him to resurrect it and, in return, promises him 15% commission along with a permanent contract.

Unfortunately, Stephen is faced with a challenge as Rufus makes it clear he's no longer interested in his hotel.

Things take a turn when he hands Stephen a vial of LSD and heads to the bathroom to snort a line of cocaine before collapsing, clutching his chest.

The paramedics attend to Rufus and an oblivious Carla calls Stephen, wondering if he's sealed the deal.

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Instead of telling her the truth, Stephen assures her it's in the bag.

Rufus is wheeled out by paramedics, leaving Stephen to practise his signature on the unsigned contract, and there's soon a knock at the door.

It's revealed that Rufus was more corrupt than initially believed when a sex worked called Candice barges her way in and demands her money – but Stephen has an idea.

Sadly, he could bring back some highly traumatic memories for Carla as he's determined to get his revenge.

When the businesswoman calls a meeting with Sarah and Stephen, she explains that the former is Head of Design while the latter will be Office Manager.

Far from being grateful, Stephen takes the opportunity to slip into the Underworld office with the vial of LSD from Rufus' briefcase and spikes Carla's coffee.


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She then heads onto the factory floor, clearly discombobulated and woozy but Stephen doesn't stop there.

In the Rovers, he takes things to the next level by spiking her red wine with another vial of LSD.

Later on, Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) calls at the pub and immediately realises Carla is unwell.

She stares at the factory girls, her paranoia growing by the second and is helped out of the pub by her other half.

Peter, who knows all about Carla's past, is worried that her once life-threatening psychosis may be returning.

Stephen makes things worse behind everyone's backs, sneaking into Carla's office and deleting a meeting with Dick Havisham.

His gaslighting is then made stronger when he muddles up her paperwork.

Carla becomes more vulnerable, checking her diary and telling Peter she was convinced she had a meeting with Dick Havisham.

Once again, Stephen makes her question her own reality by handing her another mug laced with LSD and convincing her she cancelled her meeting.

Dick eventually calls at the factory and Carla rushes to meet him, clearly flustered.

Stephen's plan could trigger a whirlwind of repercussions for Carla.

When she shows up at the garage to collect her car, Abi Webster refuses to hand over her keys.

Carla spots the Underworld van and starts the engine before turning towards the street… where an eager Paul Foreman is taking Peter's new motorbike for a spin.

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Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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