Stacey Dooley spots Kevin Clifton's 'sex faces' as he tackles Million Pound Cube

Stacey Dooley joked about spotting a few of Kevin Clifton’s ‘sex faces’ as she watched him tackle a round on Million Pound Cube.

The TV presenter and Strictly Come Dancing star appeared on the ITV show to raise money for charity but it didn’t come with a few concentrated bedroom looks.

‘OMG!! Just wait for this game!!!! @THECUBETV,’ the show’s host Phillip Schofield tweeted as the show aired.

Stacey retweeted and wrote: ‘🤪 …I’ve counted approx 5 of his sex faces so far……’

The couple eased their way through the first two challenges before the dancer got stuck on a task which had him attempt to balance a metal ball on a plate.

He had to walk across an obstacle in the cube to reach a magnetic point across the room.

And with the amount of concentration needed, we’re not shocked Stacey spotted so many of his ‘sex faces’.

Viewers were frustrated watching Kevin drop the ball, losing life after life until he was left with three.

‘I know we get an hour back tonight but bloody hell Kev hurry up man,’ one impatient viewer tweeted.

Another felt themselves age as they watched on, commenting: ‘‘How did you spend your Saturday night?’ Watching Kevin Clifton painfully trying to get a metal ball to touch a magnet. #millionpoundcube.’

‘Oh my god!!!! Who knew getting a bloody metal ball next to a magnet would be so INFURIATING!!!’ a viewer simply commented what we were all thinking.

No need to hold your breath any longer, folks, he finally did it and they moved onto the next challenge.

After completing a round involving catching two balls each as fast as they could, they decided to stop with one life left – winning £25,000 for charity.

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