‘Squidbillies’ Fires Stuart Baker for ‘Extremely Offensive’ Comments About Dolly Parton

The actor/comedian, who is also known as Unknown Hinson, sparks outrage after throwing shade on Facebook at Dolly Parton over her support for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

AceShowbiz -Adult Swim animated series “Squidbillies” has taken an action regarding controversy involving one of its stars, Stuart Baker a.k.a. Unknown Hinson. The show announced on Sunday, August 16 that Stuart’s been fired after he made offensive remarks regarding Black Lives Matter.

Taking to Twitter, series creators Jim Fortier and Dave Willis wrote, “We’re aware of the extremely offensive and derogatory social media posts made late last week by Stuart D. Baker. The views he expressed do not reflect our own personal values or the values of the show that we and many others have worked hard to produce over the past 15 years. For those reasons, production of Squidbillies will continue without Mr. Baker, effective immediately.”

‘Squidbillies’ fires Stuart Baker over controversial remarks about BLM.

Stuart voiced main character Early Cuyler ever since “Squidbillies” premiered in 2005. The animated show, which was renewed for a thirteenth season last year, is one of the longest-running shows on Adult Swim alongside “Robot Chicken“.

The actor/comedian sparked outrage after throwing shade at Dolly Parton over her support for the Black Live Matter Movement in an interview with Billboard. Writing in a now-deleted Facebook post, Stuart said, “So, now this freak titted, old Southern bimbo is a BLM Lover? Remember, s**t, Rednecks made you a Millionaire!”

In the said interview, the “9 to 5″ hitmaker” said, “I understand people having to make themselves known and felt and seen. And of course Black lives matter. Do we think our little white a**es are the only ones that matter? No!”

Apparently taking the heat from Dolly’s fans, Stuart later clapped back at his haters as writing in another post, “Yeah leave. Leave Liberals! Unfriend me, please. Because I don’t want you UN-AMERICANS around! Have fun becoming an Eloi or something without a thought of your own where you bow down to the ALL-KNOWING-MINORITY! HAVE FUN forsaking your own race, culture and heritage. Have a nice time!”

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