Spoilers: Meena is hysterical with excitement for her murder trial in Emmerdale

Most people would be nervous about being put on trial for murder, but not Emmerdale’s evil killer Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu).

In fact, as the trial approaches Meena gets more and more excited. She sees it as a show in which she’s the star, with all eyes and attention on her, and nothing is more pleasing to her than that.

She’s firmly convinced that she’s going to walk free after the trial and it’s only a matter of putting on a huge show. She’s even more motivated when she gets the news that Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) has decided to testify and she’s excited that she’ll have the chance to publicly destroy her sister.

To further mess with Manpreet’s head, Meena instructs her defence to call Wendy (Susan Cookson) as a witness. How does she plan to manipulate Manpreet’s colleague and friend into helping her own case?

When a prison guard gives her a newspaper, Meena is delighted to see that she’s the cover star. This is the attention she’s always craved and she couldn’t be more excited at the thought of facing her sister in court.

Will Meena succeed in taking down Manpreet and walking free?

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