Spoilers: Billy fears Summer will burn herself out in tonight's Corrie

Billy Mayhew’s (Daniel Brocklebank) concern for Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) will continue to grow in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street as he realises she’s in danger of burning herself out.

Summer has created a strict plan when it comes to revising, telling her friends she only has a few precious minutes to grab a coffee – and certainly can’t afford to go out for the evening.

Tonight, Billy realises Summer has – once again – been up for the majority of the night revising.

Billy reminds Summer that if she burns herself out, she’ll send her blood sugars all over the place.

Far too invested in revising, Summer later tells Billy she hasn’t got time to help out at the church.

Aware of how worried Billy is, Amy (Elle Mulvaney) tells him she will try and speak with Summer.

Thanks to upcoming spoilers, we know Amy will interrupt Summer secretly purging as she continues to try and hide her eating disorder.

Explaining how fearful Summer is when she sees Amy, Harriet Bibby said:

‘She just goes into panic mode and tries to get rid of Amy out of the flat as soon as she can so she can make herself sick to try and balance out what she’s eaten in the day.

‘Amy walks back in on her and Summer’s quite unsuccessful in covering it up and pretending that it’s just a bit of an icky tummy.

‘She knows that Amy’s not daft and she knows that Amy probably knows the right thing to do is to tell Billy and get Summer the help that she needs.’

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