Soap wedding disasters – Emmerdale crash, Hollyoaks shooting and Corrie death

Soap fans know that a wedding rarely goes to plan in Soapland.

The blushing bride and groom hardly ever make it down the aisle without a hitch on the big day.

While some ceremonies are filled with joy and laughter, a majority of weddings end with a crash, death or a dramatic showdown.

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As Felicity and Tane's nuptials end in disaster in Home and Away, Daily Star has taken a look back at just some wedding days which didn't go exactly to plan.

Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell drown – EastEnders

EastEnders has had its fair share of wedding heartbreak, but Ronnie Mitchell's wedding to Jack Branning was one of its most devastating.

After tying the knot in a beautiful celebration, husband Jack took their children upstairs to the hotel room and read them a story.

Sisters Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell continued the celebrations by drinking champagne but later decided to take a quick swim in the pool.

Their fun then turned to tragedy after Roxy jumped in and began to drown.

When Ronnie tried to save her, she also began to struggle in the water and sadly died alongside her sibling.

Helicopter crash horror – Emmerdale

Long before Meena's revenge plan on Billy Chapman and Dawn Taylor, Emmerdale witnessed a number of wedding day disasters.

During Debbie and Pete Dingle's wedding in 2015, the helicopter that was supposed to whisk them away from the ceremony took a turn for the worse and crashed straight into the village.

The couple and their guests were forced to flee, but sadly not everyone escaped.

Village residents including Ruby Haswell died, while the force of the blast trapped Val Pollard and sister Diane Sugden in a fairground ride.

Diane managed to escape, but Val tragically died after a mirror shard fell on her in the aftermath of the blast.

Explosion nightmare – Neighbours

Toadie married the love of his life Sonja Mitchell in 2013, but a devastating explosion by the wedding marquee injured Sonya, causing her to fracture her skull and lose her memory of the wedding.

While Toadie and Sonja survived, two other Ramsey Street residents, Priya Kapoor and Rhys Lawson died.

Sonya recovered and regained her memory, living together with Toadie and her son Callum, and later giving birth to her and Toadie's daughter.

However, there was more heartbreak for Toadie when Sonya died of cancer in 2019.

Bradley Branning falls off a roof – EastEnders

EastEnders' first-ever live episode in 2015 to celebrate the soap's 30th anniversary left viewers on the edge of their seats, with a shock wedding day death.

After forgiving Stacey Slater for sleeping with his dad Max, Bradley Branning married Stacey for a second time during the special episode.

However, their big day was overshadowed by Bradley's suspected involvement in the death of Archie Mitchell.

Before he and Stacey could escape Albert Square, the police chased Bradley to a rooftop.

Not long after, Bradley slipped and fell to his death in a shocking end to the episode.

Calvin Valentine gets shot during first dance – Hollyoaks

If there was ever a list of places that had the most wedding day deaths, then Hollyoaks would be number one on that list.

From brides being pushed out of windows, to shock deaths at the hands of their partners to be, a disaster at a Hollyoaks wedding is certain to be expected.

One of the most shocking tragedies occurred during Calvin Valentine and Carmel Mcqueen's big day when Calvin's ex Theresa came back for revenge.

When the couple attempted to perform the famous lift from Dirty Dancing during their wedding reception, Calvin was shot and died instantly.

It would be six months before viewers found out who the culprit was, becoming one of the soap's biggest Who Done It? storylines.

Fred Elliot's tragic death – Coronation Street

Everyone's favourite soap butcher Fred Elliot was one of Coronation Street's most famous faces.

His Weatherfield neighbours were delighted when he planned to marry Bev Unwin before tragedy struck.

Before the ceremony, Fred had second thoughts and visited his former flame Audrey Roberts, who confessed to still having feelings for him.

However, after a heart to heart, he decided to go ahead with his wedding to Bev.

Sadly their union was not meant to be and Fred did not make it to the church, as he collapsed in Audrey's hallway following a stroke and died a short time later.

It was a tragic end not only to the big day but also a sad farewell to one of Coronation Street's most beloved characters.

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