‘SNL’ Netflix Ad Sends Claire Foy Back to High School in ‘Saved by the Crown’

If you thought Netflix was producing more and more movies and TV shows out of the goodness of its corporate heart, think again. “Saturday Night Live” laid the truth bare with a commercial for the streaming giant starring Claire Foy, who hosted the festivities last night and happens to have starred in the first two seasons of “The Crown,” one of Netflix’s most acclaimed series. Avail yourself of it below.

“In 2019 we’ll have even more programming to choose from, because we’ve gone crazy,” intones a narrator who sounds a lot like Beck Bennett. “That’s right, we’re spending billions of dollars and making every show in the world. Our goal is the endless scroll: By the time you reach the bottom of our menu there’s new shows at the top, and thus the singularity will be achieved.”

“We’re even buying stuff from ourselves,” he says. “We love Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth so much we’re sending her back to high school.” We then see Foy looking distraught while leaning against her locker, where she delivers her catchphrase: “I’m in over my crown!”

Other offerings they highlight: “Kennymeade Depot,” which only one person watches, all the fake movies from “Entourage,” and a gritty “Family Matters” reboot called “Officer Winslow” in which the hard-drinking cop kicks Urkle out of his house by shooting his gun into the air and screaming, “Why did I do that!?”

The narrator ends with some advice: “It’ll take 12 human lifetimes to watch all of our content, so start watching now!”

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