‘Sister Act 3’ Is Officially Coming To Disney+, And May Feature Whoopi Goldberg

In 2019, viewers will finally get their first look at Disney’s upcoming streaming platform, Disney+, which already has a slew of exclusive content ready to go for its upcoming launch. Already announced to be a Disney+ exclusive is a live action version of Lady and the Tramp, along with Season 7 of the Star Wars series, The Clone Wars.

According to a recent report from ScreenRant, viewers can now count a third entry to the Sister Act franchise as part of the Disney+ exclusive lineup. It was confirmed earlier today that Disney is currently developing Sister Act 3, despite the rumors that executives wanted to remake the original.

Whoopi Goldberg has reportedly expressed interest in returning to the franchise and may be involved with the project. Whether or not she will have a prominent role as with the first two movies, or just a cameo, remains to be seen. Sister Act 3 is being written by Regina Y. Hicks of Insecure, as well as Karin Gist, who worked on Star. So far, no announcements on a director have yet been made, nor have any cast members been confirmed for the upcoming project.

Disney+ is expected to officially launch in the last quarter of 2019 and hopes to compete with rival streaming services like Netflix.

In the original movie, Sister Act, which was released in 1992, Whoopi Goldberg plays a lounge singer named Deloris Van Cartier. Van Cartier witnesses a murder at the hands of her gangster lover, Vince LaRocca (Harvey Keitel). After going to the police, Deloris is put into a witness protection program that involves taking up residency with a group of Catholic nuns. She is placed into the choir by the church’s Mother Superior (Maggie Smith), after which Deloris begins training the choir, turning them into a soulful ensemble that more resembles her lounge act than a choir in a Catholic church.

Sister Act was a big enough success to warrant the 1993 sequel, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, which co-starred singer Lauryn Hill. Despite not really being a nun, Deloris is called back by the convent to come in as a teacher for at-risk youth in an inner-city school. Deloris once again inspires newfound hope among those she teaches, despite being resistant to the idea at first.

It appears Sister Act 3 will not have a theatrical release like its two predecessors, but Disney is apparently following the current trend set by Netflix of releasing exclusive content directly to streaming platforms. That model helped solidify Netflix as being the leader in streaming entertainment.

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