Sex Education season 4 will be missing Jakob

Sex Education: Trailer for final season of hit show

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Sex Education. 

Sex Education is back for one final outing and fans are keen to know what happened to Jakob.

From the very beginning, Jakob (Mikael Persbrandt) had played a part in the saucy Netflix comedy-drama, with him and Jean (Gillian Anderson) first crossing paths as he was doing plumbing work at her house.

There was a clear spark which continued to grow but things were made a little awkward in the second series when his daughter Ola (Patricia Allison) started seeing Jean’s son Otis (Asa Butterfield).

Things grew even rockier when Jean admitted to kissing her ex-husband Remi (James Purefoy) during one of his visits in the season two finale, before revealing she was pregnant.

This came as a shock to them both, given Jean’s age and the fact Jakob had a vasectomy.

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Why did Jakob leave Sex Education? 

Throughout the third season, Jean and Jakob don’t rekindle their romantic relationship but want to repair their dynamic in order to co-parent.

However, Jakob remains cautious and eventually insists on getting a paternity test done.

When Jean reads the letter, she doesn’t actually reveal the results but going by her reaction, it isn’t good news.

This has since been confirmed in the recently released trailer for Sex Education season four.

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There is a clip in the teaser where Jean is attending a sensory baby class and is asked to introduce herself and her daughter Joy.

She then shares: “My partner left because he’s not the father”, leaving the group speechless.

With Jean sleeping with someone else behind Jakob’s back, it isn’t surprising that he has now left the show.

This revelation does mean that she is having to raise Joy as a single mother with tensions rising between herself and Otis as he isn’t used to sharing her.

Jakob isn’t the only one to have left with Simone Ashley, Patricia Allison and Tanya Reynolds, who portray Olivia, Jakob’s daughter Ola and Lily, respectively, all going as well.

This is explained at the end of season three with Moordale Secondary forced to close, leaving students to find new places to continue their studies.

While most of the students have been able to attend Cavendish College, not everyone was as lucky to be able to stay with their friends from Moordale.

Sex Education season four premieres on Thursday, September 21, on Netflix.

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