Ryan Reynolds Has Status Update on Deadpool/Wolverine Film He Wants to Do with Hugh Jackman

The “Once Upon a Deadpool” star drops by “Ellen” with some fun facts about Jackman as well as a wild and disturbing “Frozen” theory.

Ryan Reynolds hasn’t given up on doing a "Deadpool/Wolverine" movie with Hugh Jackman, revealing to Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday that he talks to the "Logan" star constantly about it.

"He’s on this kick-ball-change kick right now," Reynolds said, referring to films like "The Greatest Showman." "I can’t seem to bring him back to the violence and mayhem. I’m trying."

According to Reynolds, he has been very persistent in reminding Jackman that he is still interested in doing this crossover event by calling him every other day. "Every other other day he takes the call," he told Ellen, who asked if the two have a rivarly. "It’s not really a rivalry. It’s war."

Later in the show, Ellen challenged him to say three nice things about Jackman, but they were going to burn. After each one, he had to take a shot of gin.

The quick-witted Reynolds did not disappoint, sharing disturbing details about Jackman’s eyebrows, underwear and even his dog. You can see those sick burns in the video above.

Elsewhere, they opened up about parenthood, which was one of the reasons Reynolds helped develop "Deadpool 2" into the PG-13 "Once Upon a Deadpool."

"I love it, it’s really kind of made me a better person, you know," he said of fatherhood. "I sort of miss being horrible."

Maybe that’s why he channels so very much horrible into the character of Deadpool. After all, Deadpool kidnapped Fred Savage for "Once Upon a Deadpool," creating new framing sequences in the same bedroom he appeared in "The Princess Bride." Those scenes are part of 20 minutes of new footage in the re-release.

Cracking a joke that he things of blinking as "tiny little breaks all day," Reynolds complained that he’d seen "Frozen" way too many times with his two young daughters. But in doing so, he’s come up with a crackpot theory we’re sure won’t hold up to any scrutiny whatsoever.

"A lot of parents don’t know this, but if you play ‘Frozen’ backwards, it’s actually a shot-for-shot remake of ‘The Exorcist,’" he told Ellen. "That would obviously enrage a lot of parents."

Ryan Reynolds is looking to get on parents’ good side with the release of "Once Upon a Deadpool" into theaters on December 12.

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