Rita Ora breaks down in tears live on TV over mum's cancer battle

RITA Ora shed tears live on The Voice Australia after a contestant's story reminded her of her mum's breast cancer battle.

The singer's mum Vera was diagnosed with an aggressive form of the disease in 2005.

She received ­chemotherapy and radiation treatment and had a partial mastectomy. The ordeal left Rita with health anxiety through her 20s, with her convinced she would develop cancer.

When hopeful Aleisha Gam spoke of her own mum's two-year cancer battle in front of the judges and studio audience following her performance, Rita broke down.

The pop star said: "I know how it feels to sort of have that connection with a song, and then that memory always sticks with that song. My mum, she also had cancer.

"When she would go and get her treatment, and she was losing her hair and stuff, we were kind of teenagers. It was really weird to see your mum, like, not be the superhero that you always think your mum is going to be."

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"Because you never think your parents are going to sort of, like, break down in front of you, you know what I mean? And then you have to sort of put them together. I can't even speak. It's also something she talks about.

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"She's a survivor, but she had it super young, and I think it's so important to have that memory with them. I just wanted to put that out there. I don't really talk about my mum like that. It's really hard."

RIta experienced symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and suffered crippling panic attacks as she struggled to support her beloved mother, Vera, as a teen.

She had a genome test to see if she was a carrier of the inherited BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes, which was thankfully negative.

Speaking of her mum's diagnosis, she said: “I see these things saying check yourself for lumps but my mother didn’t have a lump she had a sharp pain, and she still went and got checked."

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