RHOC's Tamra Judge shows off scary red, swollen face after laser peel at plastic surgeon's office

RHOC's Tamra Judge was left red-faced and "crispy" after getting a CO2 laser peel at her plastic surgeon's office.

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum opened up about the healing process on her Instagram Stories on Friday, two days after the procedure.

CO2 laser skin resurfacing uses carbon dioxide and a skin surface-removing laser to get rid of deep wrinkles.

Opening up about the healing process two days on, Tamra wrote: "Day 2: CO2 laser swelling starting to go down (started steroid pack) and skin feels crispy.

"Last night was rough – got extremely sick from antibiotics."

Later, she used an aging filter as she joked: "day two from my CO2 laser and I feel like I'm just looking years younger!"

"The redness is still there and the swelling is going down a bit – but suddenly, I have this weird facial hair," she quipped, using the gender face-swap filter.

"Another side effect is I can't stop smiling!" she said, using another filter before launching into a proper analysis.

"I am still very red," Tamra, who also has lip injections, continued. "It looks like it hurts but it doesn't hurt but what it's starting to do is itch really bad so I have to keep very well lubricated with Aquaphor – but thank god the swelling's going down.

"And on my chest, this is a pre-cancer right there," she added, zooming in, following her melanoma skin cancer diagnosis in 2017.

The RHOC star then confessed that sitting at home was boring and leaving her "antsy" as she urged people to ask her questions to pass the time.

During the candid Q&A, Tamra revealed that the worst paid partnership she had turned down was "a dildo."

She also hinted that she would be appearing on Season 16 of the Bravo show after her absence during Season 15, saying there was a "good chance of that happening."

Tamra also blasted another RHOC co-star Shannon Beador for telling  told Entertainment Tonight they've no need to talk because they lived "45 minutes away from each other."

"We actually live 20/25 minutes away," was Tamra's sassy reply as she played Garth Brooks "Friends In Low Places."

"I guess that sums up her type of friendships? What's convenient for her!"

Their feud kicked off during the second episode of RHOC Season 15 when Braunwyn Windham-Burke told Shannon she is an alcoholic – and her mom Dr Deb had forced her to confess.

Braunwyn, 42, said her mom reached out to Tamra, who then told her family but the ousted RHOC star had a different version of events.

"We DM on Instagram and she reached out to ask me how Simon & the kids were doing," Tamra wrote when one fan asked if Braunwyn's mom reached out to say she was an alcoholic.

"After answering, I said 'I hope you and B are in a better place.'"

A fan account reposted the RHOC scene and included Tamra's lengthy response to the ongoing drama.

“I haven’t watched yet but heard I’m getting blamed for stuff," she wrote. "The absolute truth is. Dr Deb sent me a DM (in Feb.) on Instagram asking me how my ex-husband was doing."

"I told her that it’s hard but it’s brought our family back together," Tamra continued. "She simply said better now that she isn't drinking …. that's it!!!!"

Braunwyn broke down in tears during the season 15 premiere fearing she would "die" from drinking and later admitted she was so drunk at last year's BravoCon, a PR executive had to "pry tequila out of her hands."

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