Rhian Sugden hits back with sexy pic as vile trolls target her 'gross fat rolls' – revealing IVF's made her 'squishier'

RHIAN Sugden has hit back at vile trolls targeting her "gross fat rolls" with a sexy lingerie photo.

The 34-year-old glamour model revealed that rounds of IVF have made her "squishier", and that she is proud of her curves.

Taking to her Instagram page today, the blonde beauty shared a stunning photo with her so-called "rolls" proudly on display.

In the snap, Rhian is smiling as she poses in sheer purple and orange underwear, with one hand across her chest to preserve her modesty.

The star's short blonde hair is sleek and loose around her shoulders, and she is smiling into the distance.

But in the post's moving caption, Rhian poignantly opened up about her changing body as she urged people to stop criticising the way that they look.

She explained: "Some people will probably say it’s really easy for me to talk about body confidence but sometimes we all lack it.

"Since going through a few rounds of IVF my body shape has changed. I’ve become curvier than I used to be and I’m a little squishier round the mid section.

"There was a time when I wouldn’t have posted a pic like this because of rolls on my side, knowing that some creatures out there will pick up on it and make me feel like I’m disgusting.

"Just last week I read comments about me saying I should keep my kit on as I’m not toned enough and have 'gross' fat rolls! 'Saggy Cellulite Queen' was another. Does it really matter that there’s fat on my body? Or anyone else’s body?

"Am I ever going to look back at pics of myself and think: 'God I wish I hadn’t eaten dessert every time I went out?' Or 'I wish didn’t demolish a chippy tea every Friday night!' I highly doubt that. Rolls are normal.

"When any body moves, rolls appear. Every body shape is beautiful. Stop criticising people for how they look. Just let people be happy."

She concluded the empowering post with: "Please stop trying to bring people down about their body image. Everyone has their own struggles with confidence.

"Keep your hurtful opinions to yourself. Just sit back, eat a donut and be happy. #bodypositivity #normalisefatrolls #behappy #selflove".

Last year, Rhian revealed that she and her husband Oliver Mellor were turning to IVF after receiving "devastating news" about her fertility.

The ex-Page 3 girl said in April 2019: "I wasn’t going to share this news but I feel the need to highlight the struggles that a lot of women are going through.

"Being told now you might not have children is heartbreaking. I don’t like the pressure that people put on women to have children. I don’t like the pressure I’ve put on myself.

"I struggle to answer questions about when I am going to start a family, even though I know the questions come from a good place. All I can say really is that I’ve been trying and I can’t."

Rhian and 38-year-old Oliver wed in September 2018, and she revealed this month that their third round of IVF is "looming".

The couple were heartbroken in February of this year when their second round failed.

She told us at the time: "After getting so far on our second round it was really heartbreaking to find out it hadn’t worked. It broke me.”

"It ruined Christmas for us both and it has been really difficult to deal with – especially for me having all the hormones injected and placing all my hopes on one egg."

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