Pregnant Katy Perry rubs big baby bump as she belts out Daisies in backyard GMA performance

PREGNANT Katy Perry put her growing baby bump on full display as she kicked off Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series with her new single Daisies.

The 35-year-old hitmaker highlighted her blossoming bump on the morning stalwart in a daisy-print bardot maxi dress and a pair of statement daisy earrings.

The Never Worn White singer began the song surrounded by delicate white flowers as she sat infront of a cloud background from her Californian home.

The glowing mom-to-be cradled her bump throughout as she walked around her backyard delivering an ethereal performance.

Reaching the song's close, Katy walked over to a smiley-face made out of flower petals and lay down as the camera shot panned out.

She later performed her hit Never Really Over in a mint green midi dress and matching headband, which was sure to delight viewers.

Her performance comes days after the American Idol judge surprised a Rhode Island doctor to thank her for her work on the front line amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The pregnant Daisies singer snuck into Dr. Megan Ranney’s interview on Monday with ABC News journalist T. J. Holmes to give love to the "brave hero".

The doctor’s segment started off normal enough, with her sharing details about the work she’s doing both helping COVID-19 patients and getting out PPE to medical professionals in need.

She explained how she “went into medicine to help people and [has] been taught to not shy away from even the difficult cases,” when T.J. then asked her and her two kids, who were also on the show, about how they stay centered during these times.

A clip of the family dancing around and singing to Katy’s Roar was shown before Megan’s 12-year-old daughter explained how important that song is to them because of how “fun and peppy” it is.

The reporter followed her response up by asking how nice it would be if he was able to get them into the studio the next time Katy was on when all of a sudden the singer herself popped into their video chat.

All three family members were so surprised, with the stunned daughter even turning to her mom to say she “didn’t know anything about this.”

Katy spoke directly to her, saying: “Your mom, Megan, is an absolute hero. Aren’t you so proud of her?”

Smiling, the 12-year-old replied she is “indeed” proud of her mother.

Katy continued: “Your mom could join the circus. She’s doing the best juggling act in the world.

"She goes to work, she deals with a lot of stuff for work, and then she comes home, and I’m sure you guys are both angels."

The mom-to-be is expecting a baby girl with fiancé Orlando Bloom, 43, and is due later this Summer.

On April 4, the proud parents revealed they are having a baby girl – who will reportedly be named after Katy’s late grandmother Ann Pearl Hudson.

The Dark Horse songstress has been open about her struggle with mental health while pregnant amid the COVID-19 health crisis.

Katy tweeted last week that she has experienced "waves of depression" in quarantine.

The singer has been with her baby daddy on-and-off since 2016 and previously credited him to "saving" her during hardships.

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