Power: Guess Who Says 'I Confess' in New Promo About Ghost's Shooting?

Someone give Det. Blanca Rodriguez a raise: Power isn’t even back for another couple of weeks, and she’s already rounded up all of the suspects in the mysterious — and possibly fatal? — shooting of James “Ghost” St. Patrick.

In a new promo for the Starz series’ final five episodes, all seven of Ghost’s possible assailants wind up in an interrogation room and offer their reasons for why they couldn’t possibly have fired the bullet that sent Ghost toppling from Truth’s balcony in the midseason finale.

“Shoot my own father? Look, I don’t even know if he’s OK,” Tariq says incredulously, alerting us in to a very interesting detail: Ghost’s condition is a secret, even to his immediate family. (But maybe we’ve already gotten a big clue?)

In the video below (which debuted on the Starz app Thursday), we hear from the persons of interest, whose reactions to the next range from shocked to pleased.

“Someone shot Jamie? Good. He deserves to pay for what he did to Angelita,” Paz says. Similarly, Dre is glad to know that Ghost’s death means he can go back to being a civilian while the police figure out exactly what’s going on.

Tate wonders if the cops know something he doesn’t. Saxe, keeping true to form, runs his mouth so much that he has to hastily add, “OK, that sounded like a confession, but it’s not.” A menacing Tommy later reminds Blanca that he’s no snitch.

And Tasha drops what at first seems like a bombshell: “I confess… James and I had problems in our marriage.” Tricky! But she’s definitely torn up as she sobs, “I just can’t imagine what our lives would look like without him.”

At the end of the spot, Rodriguez encourages you to call an 800-number tipline: The message asks viewers to leave tips — and their email addresses — and reminds them that Power returns Sunday, Jan. 5 at 8/7c.

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