Power Force’s Kate Egan death ‘sealed’ as fans expose worrying clue

Power Book IV: Force official trailer for season 2

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Power Book IV: Force

Power Force fans are certain Kate Egan (played by Patricia Kalember) could soon meet her demise after seeing the character’s change in attitude. 

Kate is well-known as the troubled mother of kingpin Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora), who has long battled with drug addiction. 

She was first introduced in Starz’s original series of Power and then returned to screens for the spin-off when Tommy’s complicated family dynamics were explored. 

Throughout the shows, she and Tommy have had a toxic relationship with the drug dealer harbouring anger about how she neglected him as a youngster for drugs. 

Although the pair seem to be on good terms after Tommy finally aired his resentment following Kate’s surprise sobriety, fans are certain their mended bond will be short-lived

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For years, Tommy fed his mother’s cocaine addiction while providing her with endless access to funds and drugs. 

However, with the shocking revelation of his older brother, JP (Anthony Fleming III) and his son, Darnell (Lucien Cambric) Kate was inspired to leave drugs in the past. 

Episode three, saw Kate break down in AA after an uncomfortable confrontation with her sons about abandoning JP and neglecting Tommy as a teenage mother. 

Despite this, she asked for forgiveness and made strides to become a better mother by getting Tommy his favourite childhood ice cream. 

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Although things seem to be looking up for the criminal’s personal life, fans are convinced he and Kate’s relationship will get better before it gets worse. 

While many are certain she won’t be derailed by relapsing, some viewers believe will get caught in the crossfires of an impending street war. 

Taking to X formerly Twitter, @MissLAiAm anticipated: “I think Kate is gonna die soon.”

While @fallbaby predicted: “Kate is sick and probably dying. that ice cream is going to mean so much to Tommy in the future.”

@Fly_Sistah echoed: “Kate’s about to die. Making amends is the first sign.”

As @blissfulmanixo added: “I just know Kate is sick and about to die I’m so sad.”

@jessbecause____ pleaded: “Please don’t let them kill Kate. I gotta a feeling they gonna try and kill her. They always die when they start changing they life.” (sic)

A sixth fan @london_milan stated: “I’m praying if she goes it’s natural and not in the crosshairs of something Tommy got going on.”

Kate’s potential death will undoubtedly have a profound impact on Tommy and how he handles business, it could also spark the return of his uncontrollable and impulsive rage. 

Power Book IV: Force seasons 4 continues Fridays on Lionsgate+ in the UK and Starz in the USA.

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