Pointless: ‘It’s just a mess’ Alexander Armstrong shares unusual holiday story

Pointless was back on the BBC and it saw a whole new crop of contestants try to find those all-important pointless answers.

Alexander Armstrong was back presenting the BBC gameshow and he was joined by his regular co-host, Richard Osman.

Alexander ended up sharing a rather unusual story about his wine-tasting trips when it was revealed that one of the contestants enjoyed the pastime.

Alexander asked medical student Sahar what her interests were and she revealed that she liked to do wine-tasting and that was when he told her and the audience that he struggles to spit out the wine during a tasting.

“I enjoy travelling a lot and wine-tasting,” Sahar told Alexander, to which he asked: “Now, when you taste wine, are you very academic, and do you spit out the wine before making your notes?”

He continued: “Or, do you get steadily more and more sozzled?”

Sahar laughed at this question, and she replied: “I suppose it depends on the day.”

“I guess that’s it,” replied Alexander, before adding: “It’s quite fun, wine-tasting.”

The host then went on to explain how his notes end up becoming very messy during a wine-tasting.

“I occasionally find bits of paper where I’ve been to wine-tastings, and the first block of wines, very very erudite notes I seem to have taken.

“I’ve written down almost exactly what I was told to write down.

“And then by the end, it’s just a mess,” he joked.

Sahar went on to give Björn Borg as her answer to the category, the greatest tennis players of the open era.

Her answer turned out to be correct, yet it did end up scoring a rather high 44.

Her and her partner, Sahand, didn’t end up getting into the next round of the competition, despite Sahand giving a pointless answer.

Meanwhile, Richard made a big announcement on Monday’s programme as he dubbed one category featured in the final round as the “easiest ever”.

Contestants Ellie and David managed to get through to the Pointless final round which was based around England footballers, and Richard told them: “You didn’t go for ‘England players who’ve won 30 or more caps’.

“Now, I’m going to go on record and say this is the easiest category we’ve ever had in a final round on Pointless.

“You didn’t need it because you got it on a harder one.”

Pointless airs weekdays at 5.15pm on BBC One.

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