Piers Morgan's son 'carries him home' as GMB star hits the booze in Chelsea

PIERS Morgan's son joked that he will need help 'carrying him home' after the Good Morning Britain star enjoyed some drinks.

The TV star posted a table heaving with booze as he went for a family meal at the Ivy's posh restaurant on the King's Road in London's posh Chelsea.

Captioning the toasting shot, Piers, 55, quoted the sultan of swoon and wrote: "'Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy.' – Frank Sinatra".

However, the broadcaster's post didn't go unnoticed by his son Spencer, who couldn't help but rib his dad in the comments.

Joking about his dad's lightweight drinking habits, Spencer wrote under the photo: "Will need a hand carrying him home if anyone's around Chelsea".

Although it seemed that Piers didn't need a helping hand after all as Spencer enjoyed a boozy catch-up with pal George Lineker at Bluebird Chelsea.

Elsewhere, Piers recently revealed that toilet paper with face on it is "selling like hotcakes".

The Good Morning Britain presenter is known for provoking a strong reaction from guests and viewers alike.

But one person has taken it a step further – by selling toilet paper with Piers' face on it.

The product, called Poop On Piers, has the journalist's squinting face printed black-and-white on the paper.

The box art shows a drawn version of Piers standing behind President Trump.

The star posted it on his Instagram with the caption: "This is real, and apparently selling like hotcakes. ?".

His fans found the whole thing hilarious, with one person saying: "I heard Simon Cowell created it and uses it himself ?"

Another added: "Where can I buy this please??"

Any eager Piers poopers can purchase the rolls from Amazon for just £9.99.

But the outspoken presenter isn't the only person you can poop on, with company Brutal Bog Roll making paper for Boris Johnson, Kim Jung Un, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Kim Kardashian.

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