Peter Andre backed TikTok for banning his daughter Princess and told her 'if you're not supposed to be on it, get off!"

PETER Andre has backed TikTok for banning his daughter Princess.

The 13-year-old turned into a TikTok sensation during lockdown last year, but has since had her account banned a number of times.

The Mysterious Girl singer, 48, wrote in his latest New Mag column: "My daughter Princess was excited to be back on TikTok again after her account got suspended, but then she got blocked again!

"Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I said to her that for them to ban you, there must be a reason.

"I said, whatever it is, if you're not supposed to be on it, get off it!

"I'm harsh but I always do it with a smile and she knows I love her."

Back in April 2020 The Sun revealed how the teen managed to rake up a whopping 31.7k followers on the app.

A month later all her hard work went down the drain when Princess revealed that TikTok kept deleting her account because she was too young to have one.

After finally being able to use the platform again this year, Princess' account was deleted AGAIN – and although the youngster was left annoyed about the situation, dad Peter didn't seem to bothered about it.

The popular app, which boasts one billion users in over 150 countries, is described as a "destination for short-form mobile videos."

What are the rules for joining TikTok?

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service which users can upload, like and comment on videos.

You can create an account by using your phone number, email address, or an existing social media account.

Can anyone join the site?

Their website states that the app is intended for users aged 13 and above.

Rules state that anyone under the age of 18 must have approval of a parent of guardian.

Funny clips, challenges and lip-sync/dance videos dominate the platform and although you have to be over 13 to have an account, many young people use it.

Back in January the app introduced new privacy rules, including making 13 – 15-year-old's profiles automatically private and only certain features being made available to use for over 16s.

The app have tried to knuckle down on privacy issues with youngsters and created a number of rules last year.

These include letting parents have control over what their kids view and preventing under 16s from sending and receiving messages.

Last week we revealed mum Katie Price's anger when she found out Princess was banned from the site once again.

The mum-of-five said that her daughter doesn't post anything "sexual or X-rated" and couldn't understand why it kept happening.

She told us: "She's so annoyed because she hasn't done anything wrong – she only puts up videos of her dogs or her dancing.

"She's not sexual or x-rated. She said she had 3,000 videos saved with memories of her dogs and now she's lost them all.

"She's devastated as she doesn't know why this has happened. She's only 13 and doesn't understand."

A day later Princess was left "overjoyed" when her account reappeared on her screen.

The account is now up and running again, but the teen still has no idea why it disappeared in the first place.

A source told us: "Princess is just overjoyed to be able to use TikTok again. She loves making fun videos and has grown a big fan base on there.

"She still has no idea what she's meant to have done wrong, but she's just relieved to have it back."

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