Paris Hilton Reflects on the 15-Year Anniversary of The Simple Life: 'Timeless and Iconic'

Paris Hilton has a lot of love for The Simple Life.

On Monday, the heiress commemorated the 15-year anniversary of the premiere of the beloved reality show, which placed her and fellow socialite Nicole Richie in homes across the U.S. as they attempted to work and live as average Americans. The series ran for five seasons, from 2003-2007.

“Happy 15 Year Anniversary to #TheSimpleLife,” she gushed. “Loves it! So many fun, amazing & hilarious memories with Nicole. Love that this show is so timeless & iconic. And that it has brought so much happiness & laughter to people around the world. And the #Legend Tinkerbell who I love & miss very much. #TheOGs.”

Hilton, 37, recently opened up about the show in a cover interview for the December issue of Gay Times.

“They actually approached me to re-do it again but my schedule was so insane that I didn’t have time to do it so I said no, but it would be pretty epic,” she said. “It changed my whole life since it was the first of its kind, There really was nothing out there like it in the world. After that show, I got to go all around the world and it really just started my career in this business.”

The star also acknowledged that the show had an impact on her reputation, as well.

“I think the biggest misconception is that people still think I’m the ditsy blonde from The Simple Life,” she said. “What most people don’t know is that it was a character that I came up with for the show and created for several reasons. I had so much fun doing it and I love being able to prove people differently today.”

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