Ozark star Julia Garner is unrecognisable in first trailer for new Netflix crime thriller Inventing Anna

OZARK star Julia Garner looks worlds away from her role as Ruth Langmore in a first-look trailer for Netflix’s Inventing Anna.

Based on the exploits of Russian-born German fraudster Anna Sorokin, Julia will take on the title role – and she looks completely unrecognisable. 

Making a name for herself as Ruth in the critically-acclaimed Netflix series Ozark, Garner appears as part of a local family of habitual petty criminals.

Staying on the same lines, the 27-year-old actress will instead portray a wealthy con artist and is seen dripping in designer gear and expensive jewellery in the upcoming role. 

In the promo, fans see how journalist Vivian investigates Anna Delvey’s infiltration of New York’s most exclusive and lucrative of social scenes. 

Most of the reaction to the Inventing Anna trailer has centred on Garner’s accent in the role.

Being born in Russia before moving to Germany and eventually the United States, the real-life Anna had become synonymous with her rather mismatched accent.

But as Garner tried to replicate this in the Netflix series, it’s left a number of fans distracted from the drama in store.

Taking to Twitter, one disgruntled fan penned: “So, sadly, Julia Garner’s mishmash accent is ruining this, but I will still be watching.”

Echoing their comments, someone else questioned: “What on earth is that accent from Julia Garner?”

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However, the criticism of Garner’s portrayal was quickly shut down by a number of fans who were keen to point out its similarities with the real-life figure.

The entire series will be available to stream on Netflix from February, but beforehand, Garner will be back as Ruth in the fourth and final chapter of Ozark.

Inventing Anna premieres on Netflix on Friday, February 11.

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