Ozark season 4: Creator shares the true meaning of Byrdes’ car crash ‘Anything can happen’

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This year saw the return of Netflix’s award-winning crime series Ozark, for its fourth and final season. As viewers tuned in, many were left confused about the Byrde family’s mysterious car crash and thankfully, the show’s creator revealed its true meaning.

Ahead of Ozark’s return, the trailer revealed the Byrde family would suffer a huge car crash, which left fans wondering if it would be the end of the entire household.

However, when the accident aired viewers were scratching their heads as to why the crash occurred, even though the family left completely unscathed and walked home.

It occurred while the family were driving in their van, they got cut off by a tractor-trailer and forced off the road.

The vehicle flipped on numerous occasions before stopping upside down, while everyone got up and out there was a scare for Wendy Byrde (played by Laura Linney) as it took a few nudges to wake her up.

The family walked back home and mysteriously never spoke about it to each other.

As a result, many fans believed the scene was unnecessary as it didn’t provide an obvious meaning.

Thankfully for fans, their questions will finally be answered as the show’s creator Chris Mundy revealed the reasoning behind the car crash.

Speaking to Goldderby, the showrunner admitted there were a “couple different things in that”.

Mundy continued: “One is the reminder that the world is dangerous in any given moment, that things could turn upside down.

“And how do you want to define it, in terms of your faith, you know the priest says that was your last warning and he’s like ‘No that was insurance.’”

He continued: “It really is about that if the world’s going to throw that at you anyway, why not be in this thing together.

“In another way, there’s a flashback episode in our very first season, going back to why they got in the Cartel in the first place.”

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Mundy explained: “There’s a car crash where Wendy was pregnant, there’s a car crash and she loses the baby and sort of falls into a depression.

“Part of going into the cartel and money laundering was to pull her out of that depression in some way.”

He concluded: “Bookending those two things in some way is one of those things if you notice it you notice it, great and if you don’t it should still make emotional sense.”

Other fans believed the crash also brought the family back together as Jonah Byrde (Skylar Gaertner) hated his mother.

However, resentment seemed to fade away after the car crash as the family walked home and carried on with their day.

Despite the overwhelming amount of death surrounding the family, each member survived to see the end.

When quizzed on what he thought his character was doing, following the show’s finale, Marty Byrde star Jason Bateman revealed: “They’re going to get going back up to Chicago to continue the plan.

“Hopefully, the ends justifying their means, I don’t know if they get successful with that up in Chicago or not.”

Bateman added: “My sense is that they’d probably continue to stumble because they think they’re a little bit smarter than they are and those people don’t fare too well.”

Ozark is available on Netflix.

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