Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen reveals ninth baby was born in CAR after botched home birth

OUR Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen has revealed her ninth baby was born in a CAR after a botched home birth.

The 46-year-old shepherdess has nine children with her husband Clive, 66, with all the family featuring in the Channel 5 show.

While her second youngest daughter Clemmy, five, was born at home by the fire, youngest daughter Nancy, four, had an altogether different birth.

Amanda had given birth to Clemmy by herself while Clive slept upstairs, and she had such a nice experience she had wanted to do it again.

But she told The Sunday Express: "With Nancy it was very different. She came sooner than Clemmy, and there was a lot of blood.

"In an ideal world I'd have loved to do it on my own again, it was so easy with Clemmy. But that wasn't to be.

"We went to the hospital and I ended up giving birth en route – again."

The family live 69 miles away from the nearest hospital in Middlesbrough, meaning Amanda has been caught short in labour on more than one occasion.

Amanda previously opened up about Clemmy's birth, and how Clive didn't bother to get up as he had already seen her in labour seven times before.

She said on This Morning: "I put the kettle on, stoked up the fire and basically had her in front of the fire with just a terrier as a birthing partner, which is perfect.

"The point of the matter is he had been at seven births previously and we spend our whole lives dealing with birthing things, so it wasn’t exactly something that I was particularly bothered about.

"I did it myself and I’m very happy and pleased that I did."

Our Yorkshire Farm airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on Channel 5.

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