‘Not everything!’ Dick Strawbridge scolds wife Angel over ‘challenging’ request

Escape to the Chateau: Dick warns Angel over her plans

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During Sunday’s Escape to the Chateau, Channel 4 viewers tuned in to watch Angel Adoree and Dick Strawbridge make plans to renovate their children, Arthur and Dorothy’s bedrooms. However, things quickly took a turn when Angel listed off her renovation plans, although her husband, Dick was quick to remind Angel of their limitations.

As the duo stood in their children’s bedrooms, Angel explained to Dick what she had planned.

“I know this room is big enough to be able to create a mezzanine level, alright?”

“From about here,” the designer indicated. “Taking them up to two different areas.”

“Right,” Dick said hesitantly. “What happens up there?”

“There is the bed,” Angel replied as Dick asked: “Up in the air?”

“Okay, that’s simple,” the engineer sarcastically added.

Angel smiled at her husband as she grabbed her husband’s hands. “Doable?” she asked.

“Darling, darling, darling,” Dick replied. “I’ve always said….”

“You can have everything,” Angel said as she finished her husband’s sentence.

“No, that is not what I said,” Dick hit back. “I said you can have anything, but not everything.”

Angel wanted to take full advantage of the space in Arthur and Dorothy’s bedroom.

She had the ambition of building a wooden platform off the floor, doubling the space available.

In a bid to start on the renovation work, Dick and Angel had to clear out the room first.

Although, Angel got a tad emotional as she dug through her children’s belongings.

When the room was clear, Dick set about trying to find out what was behind one of the bedroom walls.

He explained: “This is a little camera we stick in a hole.”

As the couple inspected what was behind the wall, Angel commented: “Oh, that is a good sign because that is a cavity.

“Oh, that looks like wallpaper. It looks like leaves.”

“There’s either a tree growing in there,” Angel continued as Dick weighed in: “It looks quite pretty.”

“This is a wallpaper we haven’t seen anywhere else in the Chateau.”

Escape to the Chateau airs on Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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