Nolan sister Anne reveals chemo is working and her last test found 'NO cancer' as Linda waits for her results

NOLAN sister Anne has revealed her chemotherapy treatments are working and her last test found "no cancer" in her breast tissue and lymph nodes.

Anne, 69, updated fans on her devastating cancer battle after being diagnosed with the disease within days of her younger sister Linda earlier this year.

The pair spoke out about their shock diagnosis in The Sun back in August and revealed they were undergoing chemotherapy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Today the stars, whose sister Bernie tragically died from breast cancer in 2013, appeared on ITV's Lorraine and urged fellow sufferers to push for treatment as they revealed their own progress.

Anne said: "The treatment that you're having it's harsh and it's making you feel ill, but it's also making you better and that is the way to think about it. Whatever you are going through is to cure the cancer.

"That's what's happening with me, they're trying to cure my cancer. My prognosis is very good at the moment. I had an operation about two weeks ago and the results were fabulous.

"They found no cancer in the tissue and in my lymph nodes and that was amazing, the results were fantastic that was because of the chemo."

Linda, 61, said she was waiting for her test results as she urged viewers to get checked and go for treatment.

She said: "I'm doing well. I'm doing great actually. I've had my chemo and I'm just waiting for the results of the scans I've had to see if it's worked."

Coleen Nolan's sister also wanted to explain why it has been important for their family to share their experiences with cancer.

She added: "People say to me 'don't you want to stay quiet about it?' but our way of giving back to people is this.

"We really do have a very strong and supportive family, so if anyone is out there with no one to turn to maybe if we say something on TV or a magazine, and they can think 'oh that's normal' then that helps.

"Cancer is a very lonely place."

She added: "Please don't wait to get checked, don't be frightened, the longer you wait you could be making it worse. Cancer won't wait."

Linda also revealed the sisters had been tested for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 breast cancer genes after Bernie died of the disease.

She said: "Yeah to look at it, three sisters having breast cancer…

"But we've been tested for the BRCA genes and we don't have the gene but they said there will be a rogue gene that we've got, but they just haven't found it yet."

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