Nine Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Lydia’s life-changing test results and Vinny’s awful discovery

VINNY Dingle is horrified to discover Paul is gambling again next week in Emmerdale- after he forced Mandy to beg for his forgiveness.

Here's the lowdown on what's happening in the Dales next week…

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1. Chas rows with Paddy 

Aaron asks Bear for ideas on saving Chas and Paddy’s relationship, but they’re interrupted when an argument erupts between the couple. 

It’s not long before Chas storms out, leaving Paddy to look after Eve. 

At the Zen Gardens, Chas spots Al hiding from Rishi behind a bush.

2. Chas flirts with Al 

Chas approaches Al, and when he asks her if she’s hiding from someone herself, she doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Al and Chas flirt harmlessly and talk about each other’s partners.

But as Al heads out, it’s clear Chas has enjoyed herself and is sad to see Al go. 

3. Chas despairs

Later, on the anniversary of Grace’s passing, Chas lays flowers at her grave.

She stands there for a few moments and reflects on the state of her and Paddy’s relationship.

Will they be able to work things out?

4. Billy tells Dawn he loves her

Dawn – who is still keeping Billy at arms length to protect him from the ongoing drama surrounding Malone’s murder – breaks down when Billy says he’s still in love with her. 

When Billy demands an answer to why she dumped him, Dawn fights back tears.

5. Dawn is arrested

The lovebirds are stopped in their tracks when a police officer arrives.

Dawn is shocked when she’s arrested on suspicion of assault after attacking Meena.

Will Dawn come clean and explain what’s happening to Billy?

6. Lydia gets life-changing news

A nervous Lydia learns that her test results are ready. 

But will she get the news she’s hoping for?

Viewers have watched Lydia worry for months about whether she’ll test positive for the gene that causes Huntington’s disease after her mum Agatha revealed Lydia’s dad had died of the same thing.

7. Meena charms Rishi

When Tracy confronts Meena and asks her why she skipped her B&B bill, Rishi steps in and offers to pay it. 

Later, Manpreet reveals the reason for her estrangement from her sister, leaving Rishi stunned. 

What will it be?

8. Aaron gets a shock letter

Aaron is stopped in his tracks as he prepares for a date with Ben when he gets a letter. 

He is left speechless when he reads its contents. 

Who is it from – and will it destroy his blossoming relationship with Ben?

9. Vinny makes an awful discovery 

Mandy and Paul bond when he overhears her talking about losing their baby after he abandoned her and Vinny. 

Paul asks Mandy whether she could ever forgive him, and is grateful when she says she has. 

Later, Vinny returns home and, realising Mandy and Paul are upstairs together, looks in Paul’s pockets for some extra cash. 

He’s horrified when he pulls out a betting slip. 

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