'Night Has Fallen': Gerard Butler is Back to Stab More Guys in the Head With the Fourth 'Has Fallen' Movie

Mike Banning is about to be called upon to save the world…again.

Gerard Butler has signed on to reprise his role in Night Has Fallen, the upcoming fourth entry in the successful Has Fallen action film franchise. Ric Roman Waugh, who directed last year’s Angel Has Fallen, will be back in the director’s chair for this sequel.

The Hollywood Reporter says Butler is back to star in Night Has Fallen, which, unfortunately, does not have any plot details listed yet. But we know it will star Butler’s Mike Banning, the former Army Ranger-turned-Secret-Service-agent who has protected multiple fictional presidents and prevented wars on a massive scale. Angel Has Fallen ended with Banning becoming the Director of the Secret Service and reconciling with his father, played by Nick Nolte, so expect Nolte to appear in this one. And don’t forget about franchise mainstay Morgan Freeman – he’ll likely be back, too.

Millennium Media is introducing the movie at this year’s virtual American Film Market in an attempt to find a distributor. FilmDistrict distributed the first movie, Focus Features handled the second, and Lionsgate took the third.

Personally, when it came to 2013’s inexplicable duel of two “Die Hard in the White House” concepts, I preferred Olympus Has Fallen to White House Down. I was sort of bowled over by the almost gleeful level of violence on display – Butler stabbing a guy in the head with a giant knife was a particularly memorable moment that has stayed with me and makes me sort of chuckle in disbelief when I think about it. Since then, this franchise has just leaned further into over-the-top depictions of geopolitics and acts of terror, ramping up the ridiculousness and ruffling some feathers in the process.

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