New mum Dani Dyer fears she's struggling to complete 'simple' jobs after welcoming baby Santi

DANI Dyer has admitted she's struggling to get through her to-do list since welcoming her son Santiago.

The Love Island star welcomed her first child in January with boyfriend Sammy Kimmence and regularly shares her experiences of motherhood on Instagram to help other new mums.

And last night, the 24-year-old asked her 3.4million followers how they find enough hours in the day to tick off their to-do lists.

Speaking on her Instagram Stories, she said: "I want to know how people find… How people find time do things in the day?

"I can't find the time. I've got a list of things to do. I just can't do it".

The reality TV star added that since welcoming her adorable little one she's finding it difficult to complete her daily jobs.

She wrote across the clips: "Since I've had Santi I feel like it takes me days to complete one job. Is it just me?!

"Even simple jobs it all seems such effort.. and dinners I mean they are eaten sometimes at 9 o'clock".

In response to her candour, Dani shared a follower's comment which said, "I left the house today and thought wow success. Got out of the car and I have slippers on."

To which the beauty admitted she had done numerous times herself, "I've done this multiple times! I love my slippers x".

Earlier this week, Dani opened up about the realities of pregnancy admitting that she was "anxious" and "poorly" while she was having her son.

During a Instagram Q & A, the Love Island star was asked by a fan if she had suffered had any anxiety when pregnant.

The TV beauty opened up about her own mental health in an honest response, she said: "Yes I did. I've always suffered with it but when I was pregnant it did get bad.

"I think being in lockdown doesn't help either as you're just indoors running away with your thoughts 😂.

"The best thing I found was talking to people about it. A problem shared is a problem halved 💗."

The TV star revealed earlier this month that she feared she would get postnatal depression when she felt low following the birth.

Speaking on Sorted with the Dyers, the new mum admitted motherhood during lockdown hasn't been easy.

"This has been a f***ing long, cold, hard winter this one," Danny said. "And even if you're the strongest cat out there then you're struggling now."

"It's been awful," Dani agreed. "The other day I was really struggling, I had a couple of days where I made a shepherd's pie but I just felt so down.

"And I think when you've just had a baby you really start worrying, thinking, 'Am I suffering with a bit of postnatal depression?'

"I know this sounds weird but I made the shepherd's pie but it was like I wasn't making it.

"I had a couple of days of just really not feeling me and then I went on a walk and I felt back to myself. I felt so low."

Dani previously opened up about how her first baby came as a "shock" as they didn't "plan" the pregnancy.

Despite the surprise, the Love Island winner has been enjoying becoming a first-time mum to her now two-month-old son.

Dani added that the baby still makes her hardman dad Danny, 43, "emotional" whenever he sees him.

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