New Bumblebee video focuses on 'triple changer' Decepticon villains

“They’re triple changers …”

This was the bombshell Bumblebee director Travis Knight dropped on San Diego Comic-Con this past summer, and as the movie nears its Dec. 21 debut we’re getting a closer look at the Transformer villains who are a literal triple threat.

Angela Bassett’s robot-in-disguise Shatter is a Harrier Jet who can also take the form of a dust-spewing, candy-apple-red Plymouth Satellite, while Justin Theroux’s Dropkick is a Bell AH-1 Supercorba attack helicopter who becomes a midnight blue AMC Javelin.

In 1985, Hasbro introduced a new series of toys that could shapeshift not just from a robot to a vehicle, but also into a second machine.

Astrotrain morphed from a locomotive into a space shuttle, while Blitzwing took the form of a jet and also a tank. (Blitzwing is also featured in Bumblebee as an early villain, but moviegoers will only see it in robot and aerial form.)

The video above gives fans some insight into how and why this was the right time to bring the Triple Changers back out of the toy box.

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