Netflix’s Nailed It! is back with some serious holiday hijinks

Nailed It!, Netflix’s hit show highlighting the very best of baking fails, is back with a holiday edition, Nailed It! Holiday! The new season was just released today and contains seven episodes of mixing misadventures, frosting foibles, and dessert debauchery, each geared toward a specific holiday treat.

If you haven’t already binge-watched the entire season yet, here’s a quick episode guide:

Episode 1: Jingle Fails: Bakers attempt a cake pop nativity scene and an upside-down Santa cake.

Episode 2: Winter Blunderland: The contestants try to recreate doughnuts resembling wintry animals as well as an edible ski scene.

Episode 3: You Mitzvah Spot: Bakers celebrate Hanukkah by making hand-dipped dreidels and a tiered cake with kosher wine (which they’ll also likely be drinking to get through the challenge, as will the judges).

Episode 4: It’s a Family A-fail: The family that creates scary cakes together stays together … right? Bakers call in for backup in the form of family members as they all work together to try and make a turkey cake.

Episode 5: Toying Around: As if baking wasn’t enough of a challenge for these contestants, they’re making cookie toys with moving parts (how does one eat those?) as well as a robot cake with working lights (or that?).

Episode 6: 3…2…1, Ya Done!: Previous Nailed It! contestants are back! Will their skills have improved since the last time they were there? I mean, they couldn’t get any worse … or could they? You’ll find out in this episode as you watch them make a “tipsy-turvy” four-tier cake.

Episode 7: Just Do It Yourself: What’s Christmas these days without the ugly holiday sweaters? Of course they make an appearance on Nailed It! Plot twist: The contestants won’t be making ugly sweater cookies or brownies … they’ll be making actually ugly holiday sweaters and ornaments.

In addition to the hysterically funny host, Nicole Byer, and lead judge, chocolate connoisseur Jacques Torres, look for guest judges like comedian Ron Fuches, magician Justin Willman, and wedding cake expert Sylvia Weinstock.

Nailed It! Holiday! is available on Netflix now.

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