Naya Rivera's mom breaks down in tears & reveals 'hell on earth' of losing daughter on first anniversary of tragic death

NAYA Rivera's mom broke down in tears and revealed "hell on earth" of losing her daughter on the first anniversary of the star's tragic death.

The Glee star was found dead five days after going missing at California's Lake Piru following a day with her son, Josey Hollis Dorsey, who was just four years old at the time.

Naya's mother, Yolanda Previtire, sat down with ABC News' Juju Chang and Good Morning America to discuss her daughter's passing, touching on the last thing she said to her.

Yolanda recalled: "… I called her back and I said, 'Naya, where are you?' And she was like, 'Oh me and Josey were gonna go to the lake and I was gonna have him fish."

"I told her, 'well the water's getting choppy,' and I said 'I love you… and call me…. call me when you get off the water,'" Yolanda added, holding back tears during the interview.

Yolanda was able to FaceTime with Naya and Josey while they were on the water, as she took screen grabs of the young boy fishing from the boat during the call.

She said: "Thank God I took the pictures, because they were able to look at the topography of the land to locate where they were."

However, Yolanda recalled being visited by two detectives later in the day, who informed her that while Josey was found safe, her daughter was missing.

Yolanda said: "It was almost like a force. I don't know what it was, but I literally was just pushed backwards. I just ran backwards, if you can imagine, just screaming and I ended up in the bathroom.

"I slammed the door, I was on the floor and I had to gather myself."

The star's sister, Nickayla, said the next five days of searching for Naya were "absolute hell" and called the moment they found Naya "a relief, in a way."

Yolanda remembered about the moment: "Josey was at the house literally probably for no more than 30 minutes, and he was sitting there eating his pancakes, 'cause that was his favorite thing to do at Grandma's house… And the phone rang."

While his mother may have passed, neither Nickayla nor Yolanda have kept quiet about Naya, as they explained they're "honest" with Josey when he says he misses his mom.

Yolanda explained: "It's almost like we're feeding off each other and lifting each other up. Josey has lifted me up so many times…"

Naya shared Josey with her ex-husband Ryan Dorsey.

The TV star's mom added of her eldest child: "I would like my daughter Naya's legacy to be one that teaches people to love, to care. If something is not right, try to fix it or speak up.

"And to just live life. God has given you one life. You are your own person. Love who you are, 'cause you don't get another life."

The late actress-singer portrayed cheerleader Santana Lopez for six seasons on Glee, and she is the third cast member to die in their thirties.

Her body was found exactly seven years to the day that her co-star Cory Monteith died in a hotel room in Vancouver.

Mark Salling also died by suicide at the age of 35 in 2017 after he pled guilty to two counts of possession of child pornography.

Naya received plenty of tributes following her death, including one from costar Heather Morris.

Heather said in a video: "I have been feeling very heavy lately.

"I’ve been feeling this like aching in my heart to connect with my fans, to connect with everybody who’s been feeling a little lost and confused during this time."

She went on to reflect on what her role on the show meant to viewers, admitting: "I don’t need to explain what the importance of Santana and Brittany’s relationship was to all of you who are watching, because most of you felt like it was your gateway into your current life…"

On the show, Heather played Brittany Pierce, who was in a relationship with Naya's character.

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