My Mum, Your Dad’s Roger has ‘panic attack’ during struggle in relationship with Janey

My Mum, Your Dad star Roger Hawes has revealed he suffered a 'mini panic attack' due to the new-found fame of appearing on the show.

Roger, 59, from Derbyshire, and blonde bombshell Janey, whom he found love with, appeared on Good Morning Britain together on Monday to discuss their relationship.

Sitting down with hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley, the pair were asked what it’s like being recognised, after gaining popularity on the ITV dating show for single parents.

Roger said: “It has been strange. You have a mini panic attack.”

Protective Janey then joked about all of the attention her new partner has been receiving, chiming in: “I said to Roger I might have to roll my sleeves up.”

The couple then revealed they were mobbed by fans during a recent trip out in London, with Janey explaining: “We felt funny yesterday, didn’t we?

We had to have a lie down. "We were in London, walking through Victoria Station, and people were just running up and grabbing hold.”

Roger added: “We met this other lady who said it was really nice to meet you because it’s such a romantic story, so that was nice.”

Postman Roger melted viewers' hearts when he revealed on the show that he was looking to find love again after his wife, Joanna, passed away from cancer 18 months ago.

Opening up about the tragic moment his wife went to sleep one night and never woke up again, fans were touched as they watched the dad’s first attempt at dating in 34 years.

Since falling for gorgeous Janey over the course of the two-week series, Roger has been going above and beyond to ensure the two still see each other, despite Janey living some distance away from him.

“She lives the other side of the country to me, but it's not an issue; I just get in my car and smile all the way down,” he told Richard and Susanna.

Janey also gushed: “We’ve seen each other every weekend since the show; we've not missed the chance.” It comes as the pair delighted fans after confirming that they were “still going strong.”

Alongside a picture of the happy couple posing on a sandy beach with big smiles, Roger said: "It’s been hard to keep it a secret, but the wait is finally over – me and the beautiful @janeybombshell are still going strong and have never been better since."

Touchingly, he added: "We couldn’t be happier together, and it wouldn’t be possible without @itv."

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