‘My 600-Lb Life’ Octavia Pictures: After Being Bedbound, Octavia Already Showing Off Pictures Of Her Progress

Octavia came into the season premiere of My 600-LB Life being so overweight that she was forced to live in her bed.

Judging by the pictures she has shared online, she’s already come a long way.

Octavia was featured on the Season 7 premiere of the TLC docu-series, giving fans a glimpse of the struggles she has endured to lose weight. The network offered little information about Octavia or her story ahead of the episode on Wednesday, which has been a theme for each of the last two seasons now. While TLC normally gave fans a look into the person featured that week, along with some pictures and video of their journey, that came to an end before the episode featuring Robert Buchel last season.

It turned out that was for good reason. Buchel died during the production of his episode, the first person to die from weight-related complications since the show’s premiere. Since that episode, TLC has been stingy on details ahead of each episode, leaving fans with little insight on whether the person featured would accept the life-changing advice or if they would struggle to lose weight.

As a report from App.com noted, Buchel was actually well on his way to losing weight at the time of his death, making it even more complicated for the show in how to present his progress and ultimate death.

“Buchel had lost more than 300 pounds — his top weight was 903 pounds — and he had undergone lymphedema removal surgery. Yet, a previously unacknowledged addiction to pain killers came back to haunt him, depression set in and he stopped exercising before he went into cardiac arrest,” the report noted.

But in the case of Octavia, featured on My 600-LB Life this week, there are some clues elsewhere. Within the weeks before the show aired, Octavia started her own Facebook page that showed off some progress pictures since appearing on the show. While it’s difficult to tell exactly how much weight she may have lost after My 600-LB Life, there is some clear progress in her appearance and outlook. Octavia appears to have lost at least some weight since she appeared on the show, and perhaps more importantly, she seems to have an upbeat outlook on the journey ahead.

Anyone looking for more updates on Octavia’s weight loss after appearing on My 600-LB Life can check out her Facebook page and turn to TLC’s official page for before-and-after photos.

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