Moment eco-warrior storms OFF GMB set after clashing with Susanna Reid over M25 protests blocking roads

AN INSULATE Britain activist stormed out of the GMB studios this morning after a fiery clash with presenters over the M25 protests.

The eco-warrior with an attitude Liam Norton was hostile with hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley from the off and refused to answer questions.

Susanna warned him: "don't patronise me" during the heated exchange – as he awkwardly tried to swerve discussing The Sun on Sunday's exclusive revelation that his own home isn't insulated.

He was on the show for the second time in two weeks to defend his group's continual disruption of traffic on the M25 by setting up human blockades.

Things got off to a frosty start, with Susanna quizzing Norton over the group's methods.

He said: "If you understood it [climate change] you might start to understand the [protests] a little bit more."

Susanna hit back: "Liam, just try not to be so patronising when you're talking to me, OK. I understand."

He responded: "It's not about patronising, it's the truth."

Standing firm, she said: "No, it is. It's patronising."

Richard and Susanna then grilled the electrician about The Sun on Sunday's exclusive revelation about the insulation in his own home.

We previously revealed electrician Norton’s property uses gas central heating and is single-glazed, with no insulation in cavity walls.

A shocked Susanna asked: "So you are saying you would risk your life for Insulate Britain… but you're not going to insulate your own home?

"That sounds like you're completely sabotaging your cause."

The property in South West London is owned by a housing association but residents can claim grants for improvements.

A stony-faced Norton slammed the GMB hosts for "debasing the discussion" while journalist Dawn Neesom encouraged him to answer the questions.

And Richard once again branded the group fascists for their controversial methods.

He also asked Norton how he slept at night after a woman was paralysed after being held up in a traffic jam for six hours following a stroke.

Norton raged: "We've been writing letters for 30 years, we've been writing petitions for 30 years, we've been pleading with the government for 30 years and what we're saying to the government is this, this is our line in the sand.

"We're demanding the government makes a meaningful statement to save the future."

He then made a physical statement of his own as he got up and stormed out of the studios while Richard laughed.

His on-air outburst comes as National Highways was granted an injunction against motorway protestors by a judge – coming into effect later today.

It means activists will face possible imprisonment for contempt of court, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced.

Insulate Britain blocked the M25 five times last week.

Norton, 36, told Good Morning Britain in his first appearance: "What we are doing in the next three to four years will determine the future of humanity."

He was challenged by host Richard who said he could be holding up a child on their way for cancer treatment.

Norton said in a statement: "This is a good example of one of Britain’s leaky homes and why we need the Government to get on with the job."

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